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 ECoR. SRL. No RBE No. Subject  Date
70/2023  NilStandardization of documents required for inclusion of family members, dependent relatives,  etc in Passes/PTOs. 25.05.2023 
69/2023  71/23Travel entitlement on passes integrated with class and Booking Codes issued by Commercial Directorate. 25.05.2023
68/2023 Nil Pay protection due to joining from a post in higher level in State Government/high Court to a post in lower level in Central Government clarification regarding. 25.05.2023
67/2023  NilClarification regarding grant of Financial up gradation under MACPs to Guards.  25.05.2023
66/2023 Nil Clarification on coverage under old Pension Scheme (OPS) in terms of Railway Board's letter no-D-43/12/2018-F(E)III date-03.03.2020-reg.  25.05.2023
65/2023  66/23Upper age limit appearing Departmental Selection for the post of Publicity Inspector in GP Rs.4200/Level-6. 17.05.2023 
64/2023 69/23 Fixation of Pay of State Government Employees on appointment to the post under the administrative control of Ministry of Railways subsequent to the implementation of RS(RP)Rules,2016.  16.05.2023
63/2023  67/23Revision of rate of Variable Dearness Allowance (VDA) for Contract Workers engaged in various employment /activities w.e.f 01.04.2023.  16.05.2023
62/2023  65/2023Interest Rate on House Building Advance (HBA) to Railway employees from 01.04.2023 to 31.03.2024. 03.05.2023 
 61/2023Nil Treating the period of Earned Leave/Training for computation of Minimum requisite period of 90 days for writing the APAR.  03.05.2023
60/2023 63/23 Introduction of provisions for writing of APAR of Railway Employees working in Grade Pay Rs.1800/- Level-1 clarification.  03.05.2023
 59/2023 64/2023 Transfer on deputation/Foreign Service-applicability of  DOP&T's OM dated-30.11.2012 on Railway employees who have been promoted to higher post in cadre while on deputation through 70% selection-regarding.28.04.2023 
58/2023 59/23 Exemption from the routine exercise of transfer/rotational transfer. 28.04.2023 
 57/202358/23 Rate of Dearness allowance applicable w.e.f 01.01.2023 to those Railway employees who continue to draw their pay in the pre-revised pay scale/grade pay as per 6th CPC. 28.04.2023
 56/202356/23 Replacement of panel in lieu of non-joining of candidates or candidates resigned/demised within the currency of panel in GDCE-reg  28.04.2023
 55/2023 55/23 Amendment to IREC Volume-1( Para-110).28.04.2023 
 54/2023 54/23 Change of name by Pensioners/Family Pensioners. 21.04.2023
 53/202353/23 Inter Railway request transfer application of staff seeking transfer for other Divisions/Railways etc.reg.  21.04.2023
 52/202352/23 Interest Rate on Computer Advance for Railway employees. 21.04.2023
 51/2023 49/23Permission for retention of Railway Accommodation at the previous place of posting-reg.  21.04.2023
 50/2023 48/23Engagement of Ex-Servicemen as Gatemen on contract basis. 21.04.2023
 49/2023 50/23Grant of Dearness Allowance to Railway employees-Revised Rates effective from 01.01.2023  13.04.2023
 48/2023 Nil Timelines for completion of APAR for the year-2022-2023 04.04.2023
 47/2023 47/23Retention of Railway accommodation at the previous place of posting in favour of officers/staff  posted to Jammu-Udhampur-Srinagar-Barmulla Rail link (USBRL) Project.  04.04.2023
 46/2023 46/23Chain of acceptance of APARs of Group-'C' staff of a Division.  31.03.2023
 45/2023 45/23 Introduction of Provisions for writing of APAR of Railway Employees working in Grade Pay Rs.1800/Level-1. 28.03.2023
 44/2023 44/23Re-Circulation of instructions regarding revision of the rates of Cycle (maintenance) Allowance.  28.03.2023
 43/2023 43/23 Review of mode of promotion from "Selection" to Non-Selection" for the post of Shunting Master,Grade-1 in GP-Rs.4200,Level-6 and Shunting Master, Grade-II in GP Rs.2400/-, Level-4. 22.03.2023
 42/2023 Nil Revision of channels of promotion (AVC) of non-gazetted staff of various categories-Medical Department-reg. 21.03.2023
 41/202335/23  Clarification regarding Compassionate Ground Appointment (CGA) to spouse/ward/dependent of Railway employees. 20.03.2023
 40/2023 40/23 Selection of Medical De-categorized staff against 20% LDCE quota. 20.03.2023
 39/2023 42/23

 Grant of Dearness Relief to SRPF beneficiaries in   receipt of ex-gratia payment revised rate effect from 01.07.2021.

 38/2023 41/23

 Coverage under Railway Services (Pension) Rules, 1993, in place of National Pension System,of those Railway employees who were recruited against the posts/vacancies advertised/notified for recruitment, on or before 22.12.2003.

 37/202338/23 Clarification on date of effectiveness of Ration Money Allowance (RMA) during Work Related illness and Injury Leave (WRILL) and Child Care leave (CCL). 17.03.2023 
 36/2023 37/23

Provision of facility of retention of Railway accommodation to AM (level-16) officers posted outside Delhi.

 35/2023 36/23  Relaxation in the condition of acquiring higher qualifications for grant of Selection Grade under CAS to  miscellaneous category of teachers. 17.03.2023
 34/2023 34/23Fixation of apy of running staff on promotion to the "General Posts".  28.02.2023
 33/2023 NilRefresher and Safety Courses for running Staff-On line/off Line mode.  17.02.2023
 32/2023 32/23 Central Government Employees Group Insurance Scheme 1980-Tables of benefits for the savings Fund for the period from 01.10.2022 to 31.12.2022 17.02.2023
31/2023  31/23 Grant of Financial upgradation under MACPS by counting 50% Temporary Status of Casual Labour Service and 100% Temporary Status Service of Substitutes. 17.02.2023
 30/202330/23  Partial withdrawal for NPS Subscribers-regarding. 17.02.2023
29/2023  29/23Release of SRPF balance and interest on Removal/Dismissal of Service.  17.02.2023
 28/202328/23 Modification of Instructions regarding Booking of Air Tickets on Government Account.  17.02.2023
27/2023 27/23 Modification in Age Group of Junior National Championships for recruitment and other purpose.  17.02.2023
 26/2023 26/23Clarification regarding recruitment of Sportspersons in Indian Railways in Pay Level-1.  17.02.2023
 25/202325/23 Recognition of Handball Federation of India-regarding. 17.02.2023 
 24/2023 23/23Fixation of Pay of disabled/medically unfit running staff on being appointed against alternative (stationary) posts in revised (7th CPC) pay structure.  07.02.2023
 23/2023 N-RBE Modification in the e-pass module of HRMS 07.02.2023
 22/2023 24/23 Rationalisation of Post Retirement Complimentary Pass (PRCP) entitlement of Railway Employees, retired in the regime of different Pay Commissions. 06.02.2023
 21/202322/23  Inter Railway Request Transfer applications of staff seeking transfer to other Divisions/Railways etc.-reg. 06.02.2023
20/2023  21/23Clarification regarding Compassionate Ground Appointment (CGA) to spouse/ward/dependent of Railway employees.  06.02.2023
19/2023  20/23 Grant of Compassionate appointment to spouse/ward/dependent of deceased trainee employees. 30.01.2023 
18/2023 19/23 Meeting of Departmental Promotion Committee (DPCs)-Furnishing of certificates by the members of DPCs.

 17/2023 17/23 Timely filling up of vacancies by General Departmental Competitive Examination (GDCE)-reiteration of instructions reg. 20.01.2023 
 16/2023 16/23

Classification of Railway Services consequent upon implementation of Railway Services(Revised Pay) Rules.2016.

 15/2023 15/23

Ceiling of Rs. 5 Lakhs as subscriptions to State Railway Provident Funf in a Financial Year- instructions regarding.

 14/2023 14/23Amendment to Chapter-9 of the Indian Railways Establishment Code Vol-1. (1985-Edition). (ACS No-144).    18.01.2023 
13/2023  13/23Clarification on Railway Services (Commutation of Pension) Rules, 1993-regarding.       18.01.2023 
 12/202312/23 Recruitment of Men football players on Indian Railways.  18.01.2023 
 11/2023 11/23Revision of Yardsticks for Non-Gazetted staff of Electrical Department. 18.01.2023 
 10/202310/23  Compendium of Instructions regarding grant of Transport Allowance at double the normal rates to persons with disabilities, employed in Railways-regarding.

 09/2023 09/23Clarification regarding instructions on the exemption from passing Typing Test.  13.01.2023 
 08/2023 08/23 Grant of ‘Additional Post Allowance’-Clarification reg. 13.01.2023 
 07/2023 07/23Retention of Railway accommodation at the place of previous posting by Railway Officers/Staff going on deputation to the State Joint Venture Companies (JVs) set up in partnership with Ministry of Railways.  13.01.2023 
 06/2023 06/23Recording of higher academic/educational qualification in the Service Record of employees recruited through RRBs-clarification reg.   13.01.2023 
 05/2023 05/23Retention of Railway accommodation by Railway Officers/Staff on their deputation to National Capital Region Transport Corporation (NCRTC).

 04/2023 04/23Engagement of staff against posts of SSEs/JEs (Works) in Construction Organisation by engagement as contract basis.                               09.01.2023 
 03/2023 03/23Recruitment of Sports persons on Zonal Railways/Production Units against Sports Quota in Pay level-1 (Erstwhile Group ‘D’) in GP Rs-1800/- as per 6thCPC.

 02/2023 02/23 Procedure for dealing with safety related disciplinary case.

01/202301/23  Pensionary benefits of medically decategorized Chief Loco Inspectors (CLIs) who opt for voluntary retirement .  09.01.2023 

Source : CMS Team Last Reviewed : 06-06-2024  

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