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Vigilance Advisories Issued by Vigilance Department/ ECoR in the Year 2023:

VA No. 

 Date of issue



 2023/01 24.01.2023 S&T Advisory to conduct periodic inspection of stores by controlling officers
 2023/02 27.01.2023 Mechanical Regarding fitment of CCTV surveillance system for monitoring of contractual work places in workshops/divisions
 2023/03 13.04.2023 Traffic/Electrical Regarding proper entry in OHE Key Register
 2023/04 20.04.2023 Commercial Regarding working of CCTV camera in parcel offices
 2023/05 26.04.2023 Accounts Recording of the sale value of stores to final head of Account
 2023/06 25.04.2023 S&T Regarding mandatory updation of labour data o­n Railway’s Shramik Kalyan portal
 2023/07 26.04.2023 S&T Regarding mismatch of approved cable route plan with site in newly commissioned projects
 2023/08 03.05.2023 Commercial Regarding prevention of reservation through PRS in case of lost metal passes/card passes
 2023/09 03.05.2023 Optg/Comm Allotment of rakes
 2023/1002.08.2023 Personnel  Regarding intimation of transactions of sale and purchase of shares, securities, debentures etc.
 2023/11 07.08.2023 S&T System Improvement on introduction of common checklist/parameter based proforma for IPIS maintenance through AMC contracts
 2023/12 07.08.2023 S&T Introduction of a system of periodical checking for maintenance of equipment in AMC contracts at officers level.
 2023/13 17.08.2023 Mechanical System Improvement regarding fixation of frequency of test check by officers in Works and Service contracts of Mechanical Department
 2023/14 09.05.2023 Electrical Cross checking of documents submitted by the contractor during passing of bills in service contracts
 2023/15 10.02.2023 Stores System Improvement on procurement of items on PAC basis.
 2023/16 07.03.2023 Engineering Disposal of unserviceable PSC sleepers
 2023/17 26.07.2023 Engineering System Improvement on execution of FOB works of construction/ open line organization
 2023/18 10.08.2023 Engineering System Improvement in connection with inspection of steel structures like FOB
 2023/19 30.10.2023 Engineering Advisory in connection with AMC of Plasser-make machines
2023/20 30.10.2023 Engineering System Improvement on mandated rail painting of new panel rails before laying on track and ensuring proper procedure in distressing of track
 2023/21 30.10.2023 Engineering Advisory in connection with all departments in timely completion of works and system improvements for cable laying and shifting


 30.10.2023 Engineering Advisory in connection with land boundary verification and demarcation
 2023/23 30.10.2023 Engineering System improvement guidelines for concrete mix design proportions, its testing and quality, steel and its vouchers
 2023/24 30.10.2023 Engineering System improvement to issue detailed instructions and drawings for vacuum dewatered concrete on platform surface and platform wall raising works
 2023/25 31.10.2023 Engineering Advisory on operation of items of DSR/USSOSR in BT road works

Source : CMS Team Last Reviewed : 02-11-2023  

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