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 Sl Subject  Uploading Date  Target Date
 72 Notification for selection of PS-I/GrB 13-7-2021 
 71 Result for AEE against 70%
 70 Notification for AEN against 70%  09.07.2021 
 69 Revised Date for WALK-IN-INTERVIEW for engagement of Contractual Para Medical Staff (Nursing Superintendent) in Central Hospital/Bhubaneswar 03.07.2021 
 68 Engagement of Contractual Para Medical Staff for Central Hospital / Bhubaneswar (Walk-in-interview) 01.07.2021 
 67 Re-Schedule of Written Exam for AEE Panel against 70% for 2021-22 23.06.21 


 Information regarding ACM Panel against 70% for 2021-22 23.06.21 
 65 Selection for promotion to the post of JE(Signal) Pay matrix Level-6 against 40% DPJQ in Singal & Telecom Deptt. of ECoR/HQs/BBS. 23.06.21 
 64 Written test for formation of a Group-C/Stores Panel of DMS in Pay Matrix Level-6 against 66.6% DPJQ-G 23.06.21 
 63 General selection for filling up the post of DMS in pay Matrix level -6 against 66.67 % DPQ-Readiness Notice for Written Test. 23.06.2021 
 62 Written Test for Sr Clerk in Zonal Stores Depot Cadre against 66.67 % DPQ 10.06.2021 23.06.2021
 61 Disclose of marks for AEN/Gr.B against 30% LDCE quota (2017-21) 02.06.2021 
 60Result of Engagement of  Para- medical staff on contact basis 27.05.2021 
 59 Selection of Ex-Cadre Posts of Mech Tech Supervisor / Lecturer / Sr Instructor in Indian Railway Institute of Disaster Management, Hejjala, Bangalore10.05.2021 
 58 AEN Result 30% 09.05.2021 
 57 Written Exam for AEE against 70%
 05.05.2021 01.06.2021
 56 Viva Voce Test For AEN against 30% LDCE  26.04.2021 
 55 Postpone of Main Written Exam for AME/AWM against 30% LDCE 21.04.2021 
 54 Filling up vacancies in Hospital Asst in CH/BBS 16.04.2021 
 53 Engagement HVS Consultants for Providing Professional Services at Central Hospital (Engagement) Notice 12.04.2021 
 52 Corrigendum to Pre-Qualifying Result AME/AWM against 30% LDCE and Main Written Exam Notice Reg. 08.04.2021  
 51 Inviting options from staff of ECoR for Serving in C&W Wings of Neutral Control Account (NCO) on Permanent Absorption  08.04.2021 
 50 Eligibility list of candidates for AEE against 70% LDCE 07.04.2021 
 49 Written Result AEN against 30% LDCE 06.04.2021 
 48 Prequalifying Result AME/AWM against 30% LDCE  06.04.2021 
 47 General Selection of DMS against 66.67% Quota 23.03.2021 
 46 Formation of ASTE Gr B Panel against 70% Quota 23.03.2021 
 45 Formation of ASTE Gr B Panel against 30% Quota 23.03.2021 
 44 Corrigendum of Office Order No 56_2021 18.03.2021 
 43Promotion and Posting of newly empaneled Jr Clerk Cum Typist against 33.33% departmental Promotion quota of ECoR/HQ 18.03.2021 
 42 Part Panel of CLA against notification dated-21.08.2019 16.03.2021 
 41Empanelment for the post of Jr. Clerk cum Typist against 33-2/3% departmental promotion quota 15.03.2021 
 40  Re-Schedule of Main Written Exam of AEN against 30% LDCE 14.03.2021 
 39 Result of AME/AWM against 70% LDCE 14.03.2021 
 38 Pre-qualifying Written Examination of AME 30% LDCE Quota 05.03.2021 
 37 Formation of Gr B of ACM against 70% 05.03.2021 
 36 Main Written Examination for AEN 30% LDCE quota 05.03.2021 
 35 Viva Voce Test for Gr B AWM/AME against 70% 26.02.2021 
 34  Application for AEE 30% & Syllabus for AEE 30%   Corrigendum 23.02.2021 
 33Formation of Gr B Electrical Panel of AEE against 30% 23.02.2021
 32Formation of Gr B Electrical Panel of AEE against 70% 23.02.2021
 31Panel for the post of Chief Law Assistant against notification-201319.02.2021
 30Written Result of CLI in Electrical Dept of HQ/ECoR 17.02.2021
 29Viva Voce test for the post of Chief Complaint Inspector in Level-07 and Vehicle Inspector in Level-06, Liaison Inspector in Level-06 on ex-cadre basis 16.02.2021
 28Panel for Law Officer 12.02.2021
 27Written result & Main Exam Notice - AME/AWM (70%) 12.02.2021
 26Promotion to S&WI against 35% LDCE 11.02.2021
 25Posting of Chief Publicity Inspector in Level-07 11.02.2021
 24Posting of Publicity Inspector in Level-05 11.02.2021
 23Written result and Main Exam Notice for AEN (30%)  08.02.2021
 22Panel for the post of SWI LDCE 08.02.2021
 21Panel for the post of OS LDCE 08.02.2021
 20Corrigendum of written result for the post of Jr. Clerk Cum Typist 05.02.2021
 19Written Result of Jr.Clerk Cum Typist 05.02.2021
 18Viva Test of Chief Photographer in Level-06 04.02.2021
 17Eligible and Ineligible list for the ex-cadre post of Chief Photographer in Level-06 03.02.2021
 16Filling up of the Post of Chief Photographer in GA Dept
 15Viva Voce Test for the post of Chief Law Assistant in Level-07 against 60% departmental promotion quota 01.02.2021
 14Eligible and Ineligible list for the post of Chief Complaint Inspector, Liason Inspector, Vehicle Inspector 29.01.2021
 13CORRIGENDUM to Inviting Options from staff of Zonal Railways and Divisions of ECoR for serving in TRD wing of Electrical Dept of SBP Division of ECoR  29.01.2021
12Filling up of Chief Complaint Inspector, Liason Inspector and Vehicle Inspector in GA Dept/HQ/BBS 29.01.2021
 11List of Eligible Candidates for AME/AWM against 30% Quota 29.01.2021
 10Revival of Notifications for APO/AWO against 70% Selection and 30% LDCE for 2017-19 in Personnel Dept  28.01.2021
 09Temporary Deputation of Coordinators (Admn)/Asst Haj Officer / Haj Assistants to Consulate General of India, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia for Haj-2021 - Regarding. 28.01.2021 08.02.2021
 08Written examination for Gr-B post of AME/AWM against 70% selection 22.01.2021
 07Eligible List for AWM/AME against 70% 13.01.2021
 06 Written Result of Staff & Welfare Inspector 06.01.2021
 05Written Result of Chief Law Assistant 06.01.2021
 04Options Invited for HQ (TMO Office)  06.01.2020
 03Written Result of Staff & Welfare Inspector  06.01.2021
 02Result of the written examination for selection to the post of Office Superintendent in pay Matrix Level-6 against 20% LDCE quota.  01.01.2021
 01Provisional List of Retirement forecast of Gaz and NG Staff working under CAO/CON/ECoR/BBS Except Accounts/CON for 2021   01.01.2021
 41Viva Voce Test for promotion to the post of Publicity Inspector in Level-05 23.12.2020
 40Viva-voce test for formation of Gr-B/Law Panel of LO (level -08)in Law Department 23.12.2020
 39Written Test for AEN against 30% LDCE for 2017-19 and 2019-21 in Civil Engg 22.12.2020
 38Pension Adalat 2020 18.12.2020
 37Written Result of Publicity Inspector in Level-05 against DPQ 16.12.2020
 36 Written Exam, Eligibility and Ineligibility for the post of Jr.Clerk 27.11.2020
 35Written Test for promotion to the post of OS against 20% LDCE 26.11.2020
 34Written Test for promotion to the post of S&WI against 35% LDCE 26.11.2020
 33Written Test for formation of Panel of Dresser-III / OT Asst. Gr-III against 50% LDCE for 2020 in Central Hospital 20.11.2020
 32Written Test Result and Viva Voce Test Notice for Law Officer  20.11.2020
 31Circulation of Notifications of DFCCIL for filling up various posts of OP & BD Deptt of DFCCIL on deputation Basis 19.11.2020
 30Written Exam for the post of Chief Publicity Inspector 17.11.2020
 29 Viva-Voce Test for the post of Efficiency Inspector in Level-06 12.11.2020
 28Extension of Closing date for the post of Chief Complaint Inspector, Vehicle Inspector and Liason Inspector 11.11.2020
 27 Notification for filling up of Chief Photographer post in Level-06 on ex-cadre basis 06.11.2020
 26Written Exam for filling up of Publicity Inspector in Level-05 against departmental promotion quota. 05.11.2020
 25Viva Voce Test for filling up of Chief Protocol Inspector and Protocol Inspector 02.11.2020
 24 Filling up of Chief Protocol Inspector and Protocol Inspector on ex-cadre basis 27.10.2020
 23Typewriting result held on 27.08.2020 16.10.2020
 22Eligibility List and Written Exam for Chief Law Asst (CLA) against 60% DPQ 16.10.2020
 21Eligibility and Ineligibility list for Safety Counsellor (Engg) on Ex-Cadre Basis  16.10.2020
 20Filling up of Chief Protocol Inspector and Protocol Inspector on ex-cadre basis. 16.10.2020
 19Filling up of Efficiency Inspector on ex-cadre basis 13.10.2020
 18Filling up of Chief Law Assistant on regular measure 14.10.2020
 17Filling up of Publicity Inspector against DPQ 08.10.2020
 16Formation of Gr B Law Panel of Law Officer 07.10.2020
 15Notification for Filling up of Chief Complaint Inspector, Liason Inspector in GA/HQ/BBS 07.10.2020
 13Result of Para-Medical Staff Part 2 06.10.2020
 12Result of Para-Medical Staff  02.10.2020
 11No further walk in interview for Radiographer, Nursing Suptd, Lab Asst Gr II Except OT Asst. /Dresser 01.10.2020
 10Re-Engagement of Retired Pharmacist at CH/MCS 30.09.2020
 09Filling up of Chief Complaint Inspector in Level-07, Vehicle Inspector and Liason Inspector in Level-06 in General Administration Deptt/HQ/BBS on ex-cadre basis28.09.2020
 08Postpone Notice for Pre-Qualifying Written Test for Gr B Post AEN against 30% LDCE 28.09.2020
 07Walk in Interview for Para Medical Staff   26.09.2020
 06Walk in Interview for Contract Medical Practitioner (CMP)  26.09.2020
 05Selection for promotion to the post of Jr.Clerk-cum-Typist08.05.202005.06.2020
 04Selection for Promotion to the post of S&WI20.01.202027.02.2020 
 03Viva Voce Test for PRO
 02Sports Quota Recruitment04.12.2019 


01Requirement of staff for the post of Assistant Manager (HRMS) and Executive/Senior Executive (HRMS), CRIS at Secunderabad 07.10.201930 days from date of issue Superintendent.pdf

Source : CMS Team Last Reviewed on: 17-09-2021  

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