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      Commercial Goods Circular

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Circular No.                           Subject                                    


174/2022  Change in name of SILO Spur of Balaram Siding of M/s MCL as SILO Spur siding of M/s ACB (India) Ltd. 19.05.2022 
172/2022 Submission of multiple Letter of   Credits(LCs) in case of  'Motor Vehicle' traffic pertaining to Bangladesh19.05.2022 
171/2022  Policy guidelines -Transportation products-Two point rake(other than covered wagons) POL traffic 19.05.2022 
169/2022  Commercial notification of 14th rake of BOXNHL 25T wagons of M/s TM International Logistics Ltd   under GPWIS13.05.2022 
168/2022 Change of commodity after registration of indent for wagons 12.05.2022 
167/2022 E-Payment System 12.05.2022 
165/2022 Delegation of power for waiver of Demurage and wharfage to DFCCIL11.05.2022 
163/2022  Traffic of Paradip East Quay Coal Terminal  Pvt. Ltd. of M/s PPT09.05.2022 
162/2022 Notification of Private sidings over ECoR as 25 T Axle   Load Route06.05.2022 
160/2022 Clarification regarding exemption from GST for supply to SEZ 05.05.2022 
159/2022   e-RD submission of Letter of Credit(LC) in case of goods traffic pertaining to Bangladesh 05.05.2022 
157/2022 Opening of Sidhpur (SID) Railway Station for Parcel Traffic (lnward & Outward)in Ahmedabad (ADI) division over Western Railway 05.05.2022 
155/2022 Notification of Alternate goods shed over ECoR 04.05.2022 
154/2022 Operation of Merry-Go-Round (MGR) System by Railways 02.05.2022 
153/2022 Haulage charges on Round trip basis for transportation of container traffic 29.04.2022 
152/2022 Joint Procedure Order for accountal of Anciliary Charges paid through Online Payment System e-CR Note and e-GBS29.04.2022 
151/2022 Premium Indent  29.04.2022 
150/2022 Wharfage Rule Methodology for counting number of rakes for the purpose of classification of Railway Premises.  28.04.2022 
149/2022 Clarifications on advance booking of Parcel space.  28.04.2022 
148/2022 Inclusion of authorized rail users at Green field PFT of Container Corporation of India Ltd(CCJS) 27.04.2022 
147/2022 Not issued  
146/2022 Discount on haulage charge for movement of container traffic 22.04.2022   
145/2022 Routes for running of 25 T axle load wagons - correction slip 21.04.2022   
144/2022 Delegation of power for waiver of wharfage/ demurrage   20.04.2022   
143/2022 Routes for running of 25 T axle load wagons 20.04.2022   
142/2022 Transportation products- Block rake, Mini Rake, two point  19.04.2022   
141/2022 Authorized rail users of PFT of M/s CONCOR (CCJS) 19.04.2022   
140/2022 Modification in circuit of wagons of M/s TM International Ltd  19.04.2022   
139/2022 Loading/unloading points for wagons of M/s TM International Ltd 19.04.2022   
138/2022 Loading/unloading points for wagons of M/s TM International Ltd 19.04.2022   
137/2022 Operation of CC+8+2T /CC+6+2T trains14.04.2022   
136/2022 WRF in case of wheat traffic 14.04.2022   
135/2022 Notification of two originating terminals (Covered wagon) 13.04.2022   
134/2022 PCC of various wagons 12.04.2022   
133/2022 Transportation of Liquid Medical Oxygen (LMO)   12.04.2022  
132/2022 Opening of Gomtinagar(GTNR)  for parcel traffic12.04.2022  
131/2022 Tolerance limit for Thermocol box loaded with fish  11.04.2022  
130/2022 Chargeable distance of DDIP11.04.2022  
129/2022 Opening of Hirakud station for coal & Iron ore traffic08.04.2022   
128/2022Conversion of BOXNHL wagons of M/s Adani Ltd in to 25 T 08.04.2022   
127/2022 Traffic for the Private siding of M/s Hirakud Industrial Works 07.04.2022   
126/2022 Guidelines regarding Advance Stacking  05.04.2022   
125/2022 Additional authorized user for 25T wagons of M/s Adani Ltd 05.04.2022   
124/2022 Charging of JCB 05.04.2022   
123/2022 Modification in circuit of wagons of M/s Adani Ltd under GPWIS 04.04.2022   
122/2022 Corrigendum to  Preferential Traffic Order GO No.96 04.04.2022   
121/2022 Preferential Traffic Order GO No.96 01.04.2022   
120/2022 Discount on base freight rate for indented Parcel train  01.04.2022   
119/2022 Wharfage rule- revision in free time  01.04.2022  
118/2022 Grant of freight subsidy in Kisan Rail 01.04.2022 
117/2022 e-RD- Submission of Letter of credit (LC) in Bangladesh  traffic 31.03.2022 
116/2022 Rate of terminal charge to be collected by port trust Railways 31.03.2022 
115/2022 Operation of containers by CTO in CRT 31.03.2022 
114/2022 Traffic at DDIP 31.03.2022 
113/2022 Wharfage rule- revision in free time   31.03.2022 
112/2022  Opening of PLH station for parcel traffic 31.03.2022 
111/2022  Automatic Freight rebate scheme in TEFD 31.03.2022 
110/2022  Transportation products- standard rake- BAFRDR 31.03.2022 
109/2022  Action plan for GST compliance 31.03.2022 
108/2022  Turnover threshold for e-invoicing under GST 31.03.2022 
107/2022  Free time for loading of bagged consignment in open wagons 31.03.2022 
106/2022  Additional free time for cleaning of Tank wagons 31.03.2022 
105/2022  Incentive scheme for Freight Forwarders 31.03.2022 
104/2022 Free time for loading of rakes of coal & Iron ore 31.03.2022 
103/2022 Traffic to private siding of M/s NMDC, Amagura 30.03.2022 
102/2022 Amendment No.1 of wagon Leasing scheme 29.03.2022 
101/2022 Modification in circuit of wagons of M/s TM International Ltd    29.03.2022 
100/2022  Traffic to the PFT of M/s IREL 29.03.2022 
99/2022  Change of  circuit of wagons of M/s Rungta Mines  Ltd   28.03.2022 
98/2022  Routes of running of  25T axle load wagons    25.03.2022 
97/2022  Revision in Rates of Punitive charges 22.03.2022 
96/2022  Revision of miscellaneous charges 17.03.2022 
95/2022  Conversion of BOXNHL wagons of M/s SMNirayat Ltd in to 25 T  17.03.2022 
94/2022  Rail Green Point 17.03.2022 
93/2022 Freight incentive scheme for loading bagged consignment  17.03.2022 
92/2022 Modification in circuit of wagons of M/s TM International Ltd     17.03.2022 
91/2022 Haulage charge for running of Double Stack Dwarf Container15.03.2022 
90/2022 Rationalization scheme  15.03.2022 
89/2022 Gati Shakti Multi Modal cargo Terminal  15.03.2022 
88/2022 Opening of BHC goods shed for inward "Sand' traffic 11.03.2022 
87/2022 Eleven digit numbers of Privately owned wagons of M/s Hindalco 10.03.2022 
86/2022  Rate of stabling charge 09.03.2022  
85/2022  Premier Customer facility at Paradeep port Trust 09.03.2022  
84/2022  Rationalization scheme 08.03.2022 
83/2022  Conversion of wagons of M/s TM International Ltd  into 25T   08.03.2022 
82/2022  User of 1st rake of  M/s Adani logistics  Ltd under GPWIS 08.03.2022
81/2022  Gati Shakti Multi Modal cargo Terminal 08.03.2022 
80/2022  Release of RMC rake in system 08.03.2022  
79/2022  Transportation product- standard rake - BOST wagon 08.03.2022  
78/2022  e-RD- submission of LC in case of Bangladesh traffic 04.03.2022  
77/2022  Tare weighment of wagons after CC examination 04.03.2022   
76/2022  Induction of 4th rakes of M/s kalinga metalics ltd under GPWIS  02.03.2022   
75/2022  Rationalization scheme  28.02.2022   
74/2022  Induction of 1st rake of  M/s Adani logistics  Ltd under GPWIS 28.02.2022   
73/2022  PCC of BG Bogie containers flat wagon type BLCS 25.02.2022  
72/2022  Haulage charge for movement of Cube containers 28.02.2022  
71/2022  change in name of M/s Tata steel BSL Ltd to M/s Tata Steel ltd 25.02.2022  
70/2022 Master Circular on Operating Diversion of Coal and associated Freight Realization/Refunds 24.02.2022 
69/2022  Rebate in freight  in privately owned wagons of  M/s NALCO 24.02.2022  
68/2022  Advance Booking of Parcel Space in 'SLRs' and 'Parcel Vans' 23.02.2022  
67/2022  Conversion of wagons of M/s TM International Ltd  into 25T  23.02.2022  

Haulage charge for movement of Bulk Cement  in containers

65/2022  chargeable distance for paradip east quay coal terminal  21.02.2022  
64/2022  Induction of 3 rakes of M/s kalinga metalics ltd under GPWIS 21.02.2022  
63/2022  Commissioning of Paradip east quay coal terminal   20.02.2022  
62/2022  Notified Stations 18.02.2022 
61/2022  Amendment to FM Circular No.25/2019 dtd.29.10.2019 - Ownership of wagons after tertiary lease period Under Own Your Wagon Scheme17.02.2022 
60/2022 Classification of  Tender Coconut 17.02.2022 
59/2022 Charging of "Truck Mixtures" 17.02.2022 
58/2022 E-Payment system.  16.02.2022 
57/2022 Closure of stations in Salem (SA) division over Southern Railway for Parcel traffic 15.02.2022 
56/2022  Installation of road weighbridge at Goods shed   15.02.2022  
55/2022 Inclusion of three terminals in Haridaspur- Paradeep BG section 15.02.2022  
54/2022 Conversion of 65 BOXNHL wagons inducted under GPWIS  15.02.2022  
53/2022 e-RD & eT-RR 14.02.2022 
52/2022 Classification of "Polyhalitie(all types) 14.02.2022 
51/2022 Running of freight trains in CC+8 routes 11.02.2022 
50/2022 Permission  for stacking/removal of parcels to be loaded into/ unloaded from 'indented Parcel Vans' and 'indented Parcel trains'11.02.2022 
49/2022 Permitted commodities in Pvt siding M/s Mideast Integrated .. Ltd 11.02.2022 
48/2022 Opening of Rengali station for inward traffic of Iron ore & pellets 10.02.2022 
47/2022 Congestion surcharge for Goods traffic  in Ports 10.02.2022 
46/2022 Traffic at pvt siding M/s NTPC super  thermal power station 09.02.2022 
45/2022 Notification of Pvt siding as 25T axle route  09.02.2022 
44/2022 Induction of 5 BOXNHL rakes of M/s SMNirayat Ltd in GPWIS 08.02.2022  
43/2022 Reviewing of working hours of parcel office  08.02.2022   
42/2022 Conversion of wagons of M/s TM International Ltd  into 25T  08.02.2022 
41/2022  Modification in circuits of 25T rakes of M/s TM international Ltd     05.02.2022 
40/2022  Modification in circuits of 25T rakes of M/s TM international Ltd 04.02.2022 
39/2022  Conversion of wagons of M/s TM International Ltd  into 25T   04.02.2022 
38/2022  Rationalization scheme G.O No.01/14 Amendment No.22 03.02.2022 
37/2022  Induction of 3 BOXNHL rakes of M/s Kalinga Metalics in  GPWIS 03.02.2022 
36/2022  Conversion of wagons of M/s TM International Ltd  into 25T   02.02.2022 
35/2022  Authorised user in PFT M/s Aryan Ispat & Power Ltd  02.02.2022 
34/2022  Haulage of newly manufactured BCACBM rakes 02.02.2022 
33/2022  Additional circuits for rakes of M/s TM international logistics Ltd  01.02.2022 
32/2022  Conversion of wagons of M/s Adani logistics  Ltd  into 25T   31.01.2022 
31/2022  GPWIS-reg. 24.01.2022 
30/2022   OD pairs for BFNHM rakes of M/s TM international under SFTO  24.01.2022 
29/2022  OD pairs for BFNHM rakes of M/s TM international under SFTO  24.01.2022 
28/2022  OD pairs for BFNHM rakes of M/s TM international under SFTO  24.01.2022 
27/2022  Authorized user for PFT M/s Aryan Ispat & Power Ltd  21.01.2022 
26/2022  Conversion of wagons of M/s TM international Ltd  into 25T  21.01.2022 
25/2022  Conversion of wagons of M/s TM international Ltd  into 25T   20.01.2022 
24/2022  Induction of 5 BOXNHL rakes of M/s SMNirayat Ltd under GPWIS 20.01.2022 
23/2022  Revision of PCC of BCN wagons for loading of Wheat & Rice  19.01.2022 
22/2022 AMENDMENT NO.3 TO LSFTO MASTER CIRCULAR-2020 19.01.2022 
21/2022 Induction of 5 rakes of M/s SM Nirayat Pvt ltd under GPWIS 19.01.2022 
20/2022 Revision of PCC of BCN rakes for loading of Rice & wheat 19.01.2022  
19/2022 Restriction of Parcel traffic in Delhi area for Republic day  19.01.2022  
18/2022 Induction of 5 rakes of M/s SM Nirayat Pvt ltd under GPWIS 18.01.2022  
17/2022 Issue of RR after weighment  18.01.2022  
16/2022 Revision of PCC of BCN rakes for loading of Rice & wheat 18.01.2022  
15/2022 e-RD - Dispensing with physical submission of Forwarding Note 17.01.2022 
14/2022 Permission for weightometer/ pre-weigh bin in Private siding  11.01.2022 
13/2022 Conversion of BOXNHL wagons inducted by M/s Adani Logistics Limited under GPWIS into BOXNHL 25T wagons 11.01.2022 
12/2022 Inclusion of additional Authorized Users for 1st BOXNHL rakes of M/s Adani Logistics Limited inducted under GPWIS 11.01.2022 
11/2022 Opening of Belosonda for inward& outward freight traffic of Coal11.01.2022 
10/2022 Demurrage/wharfage -power to enhance free time  10.01.2022 
09/2022 Conversion of BOXNHL wagons of  M/s T M International Logistics Ltd10.01.2022 
08/2022 Through Distance Charging for  Pvt siding of M/s NTPC Super Thermal Power Station, Talcher, Kaniha and allotment of new Alpha  and Numerical Code to NTPC Exchange Yard, Talcher 07.01.2022 
07/2022 Freight rebate in Traditional Empty Flow Direction 07.01.2022 
06/2022 Commissioning of deep Draught Iron Ore and Coal Berths of M/s PPT, Paradeep 06.01.2022 
05/2022 Authorised users for 7th & 8th BOXNHL rakes of M/s Adani logistics Ltd under GPWIS06.01.2022 
04/2022 Authorised user in PFT M/s CONCOR (CCJS) 06.01.2022 
03/2022 Authorised user in PFT M/s Aryan Ispat & Power Ltd 06.01.2022 
02/2022Induction of 01 spare wagon against 9th GPWIS rake of M/s Adani Logistics Ltd04.01.2022
01/2022Guidelines for installation of road weighbridges in Goods Shed04.01.2022

Source : East Coast Railway CMS Team Last Reviewed : 20-05-2022  

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