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   Freight / Goods
      Commercial Goods Circular

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 Circular No.                           Subject                                    


141/2004  Instructions regarding the accountal of  traffic earning and revenue tonnage in  respect of CONCOR traffic 28.12.2004 
139/2004 Extension of currency of Rationalisation   Scheme General Order No-1/2000.23.12.2004 
138/2004 Classification of  "Pyroxinite"22.12.2004 
137/2004 Re-weighment of rakes/wagons at en-route stations 10.12.2004 
136/2004 Rounding off of freight charges under rule 188,189,190 and 191 of IRCA Goods Tariff No-41 part-I-Vol-I. 10.12.2004 
135/2004 Notification of distance ex Centre of Raxaul station to International Boarder of Indo-Nepal 10.12.2004 
134/2004 Distance of New stations of Bhopal Division on diversion route between Talvadia-Khirkiya section 08.12.2004 
131/2004 Permissible carrying capacity  of BCCW tank wagons07.12.2004 
130/2004  Uniform working hours and Business hours for Goods Sheds and Siding-Incentive for extended working hours and immediate removal of goods. 02.12.2004 
129/2004  Weighment of goods at originating/enroute weighbridges 02.12.2004 
128/2004  Enhanced chargeable carrying capacity for
 8-wheeled  BG wagons for loading loose/bulk commodities  
127/2004 Classification of  'Raw Cane Sugar'26.11.2004 
126/2004 Charging of freight for trainload indents-Partial cancellation of trainload indents. 25.11.2004 
125/2004 Revision of freight classification of selected commodities 24.11.2004 
124/2004  Rules regarding  waiver of Demurrage/Wharfage charges 24.11.2004 
123/2004  Commercial notification of Katrasgarh-Nichitpur and Kusunda-Tetulmari Sections over Dhanbad Divisionof ECRly.23.11.2004 
122/2004  Booking of traffic at trainload class rate. 28.11.2004 
121/2004  Punitive charges for Overloading 09.11.2004 
120/2004 Modification  on the jurisdiction of newly formed Ranchi Division.16.11.2004 
119/2004 Opening of Ultratech Cemco ltd. siding served by Arakkonam station over Chennai Division for outward traffic as an independent booking point 11.11.2004 
118/2004 Rationalisation of Haulage charges recoverable from CONCOR in respect of container trains 08.11.2004 
117/2004  Enhanced chargeable carrying capacity for
 8-wheeled  BG wagons for loading loose/bulk commodities 
116/2004 Enhanced chargeable carrying capacity for
 8-wheeled  BG wagons for loading loose/bulk commodities
115/2004  Punitive charges for overloading 03.11.2004 
114/2004 Closure of Deshapran(DSPN) station in Digha-Tamluk mew BG line of Kharagpur Division for inward Goods traffic 02.11.2004 
113/2004 Revision of Iron Ore Classification 27.10.2004 
112/2004 Revision in the rate of siding charges 26.10.2004 
110/2004 Trainload classification-TG rakes. 08.10.2004 
105/2004 Chargeable distance to and from Lafarge India Pvt/Akaltara. 07.10.2004 
104/2004 NE Rly's junction distance table(Coaching and goods) No-5 w.e.f-1.7.2004 04.10.2004 
103/2004 Rebate in freight for traffic transported in wagons owned by M/s National Aluminium Company(NALCO) Ltd,Bhubaneswar 01.10.2004 
102/2004 Extension of Rationalization Scheme General Order No.1/2000 01.10.2004 
101/2004 Rounding off of Chargeable distance: Rationalization of fares and freight 01.10.2004 
100/2004 Minimum weight condition for "Coco Brooms" 01.10.2004 
99/2004  Minimum weight condition(MWC) of Timber waste in BCX/BCN/BCNA/BOX wagons 30.09.2004 
98/2004  Permissible Carrying Capacity  of different types of wagons30.09.2004 
97/2004 Combination  of two point rakes for grant of train load benefit for POL traffic.27.09.2004 
96/2004 Transportation of cattle feed/fodder and essential medicines to notified flood affected districts of Bihar and Assam free of charge 24.09.2004 
94/2004 Opening of Bihar Caustic &Chemical Ltd. Siding served by Garwa Road station on DHN Division as an independent Booking point for charging of freight on through distance basis for inward and outward traffic in train loads only 10.09.2004 
93/2004 Rationalization of Haulage charges recoverable from CONCOR in respect of container traffic 02.09.2004 
92/2004 Routing and charging of freight traffic from and to PATHERDIH 03.09.2004 
91/2004 Enhanced chargeable  carrying capacity for loose/bulk commodities when loaded in BOXN/BOXNHS wagons.31.08.2004 
90/2004 Haulage charges recoverable from CONCOR in respect of ISO and domestic container traffic moved in wagons owned by Indian Railways/CONCOR 23.08.2004 
89/2004 Opening of DUMURIPUT(DMRT) station for outward goods only. 16.08.2004 
88/2004 Inclusion of Sahibganj/Rajmahal in the list of permitted two point rake handling stations 16.08.2004 
87/2004  (a).Extension of outward booking of Coal traffic from AZARA.(b). Re-opening of JAGIROAD station for outward booking of Coal traffic16.08.2004 
86/2004 Opening of Private Railway Siding for M/s Food Corporation of India served by Venkatachallam. 11.08.2004 
84/2004 Adjustment in freight Rates-Railway budget 2004-2005 12.08.2004 
83/2004 Corrigendum no.2 to Southern Railway Junction Distance Table no.6 10.08.2004 
81/2004 Closure of Naupada -Gunupur Narrow Gauge Section for all outward and inward traffic.11.08.2004 
80/2004Closure of Guntakal- Bellary(MG) Section on Guntakal Division for Gauge Conversion with effect from 30.06.2004 02.08.2004 
79/2004 Payment of freight through CNCC facility at the booking point. 28.07.2004 
78/2004 Opening of Kanthi P.H. as temporary Commercial booking point for inward traffic 29.04.2004 
77/2004 Opening of Talvadiya-Khirkiya Main  Line diversion for goods traffic. 27.07.2004 
76/2004 Haulage charges recoverable from CONCOR in respect of ISO and domestic containers traffic moved in wagons owned by Indian Railways/CONCOR. 22.07.2004 
74/2004  Chargeable distance for Visakhapatnam new goods complex(VNCW) 21.07.2004 
73/2004  Train load facility for newly introduced BOST wagon 13.07.2004 
72/2004 List of Premier Customers for the year 2003-04 02.07.2004 
71/2004 Tentative Calibration Chart for BTPN Tank wagons manufactured by Braithwaite Co.Ltd,Braithwaite Loading data No.256 Dt.30.04.2004 07.07.2004 
70/2004 Opening of KODERMA(KQR) station as a full rake handling station. 02.07.2004 
69/2004Extension of revised procedure to be adopted for arriving at Chargeable Distance. 01.07.2004 
68/2004Extension of Rationalization Scheme General Order No-1/2000. 30.06.2004 
67/2004 Distance in Kms. between stations on Villupuram(VM)-Pondicherry(PDY) section of S.Rly. for newly converted BG section.29.06.2004 
66/2004 Gauge conversion of Miraj-Latur  Sec.- Closure of Narrow Gauge Sec. Between Latur & Barsi Town.22.06.2004 
65/2004 Opening of new rail link" Jammu Tawi-Bajalta Udhampur Sec. of FZR Division. 21.06.2004 
64/2004 Trainload benefit-Piecemeal indents. 23.06.2004 
63/2004  Extenuation of revised procedure to be adopted for arriving at chargeable distance. 16.06.2004 
62/2004  Implementation of freight charges on through distance basis for PSAS(Siding M/s Andhra Cement limited) 16.06.2004 
61/2004  Rounding off of chargeable distance. 16.06.2004 
60/2004  Opening  of Latur-Latur Road New BG line for coaching traffic.(No-C-710/RTTR-LUR/New B.G.Line)10.06.2004 
59/2004 Opening of Ennore Port Limited siding served by Attipattu over Chennai Division as an Independent booking point. 10.06.2004 
58/2004 Opening of Majanupur Nawada halt station between Teghra and Bachhwara stations on BJU-SPJ section over SEE Division. 08.06.2004 
57/2004 Opening of BARKAKHANA (BRKA) Rly. station on Dhanbad Division of E.C.Rly as capable of handling full rake for booking of goods traffic. 07.06.2004 
56/2004  Opening of BODEARAPUR(BDXX) station for Inward Goods Traffic 03.06.2004 
55/2004  Tentative calibration chart for BTPN Tank Wagons manufactured by Bridge & Roof/Tex maco Co.Ltd/Braithwaite,Loading data No.255 dated 31.03.2004 03.06.2004 
54/2004 Opening of Kaipadar Road station(KPXR) for outward Goods  traffic 28.05.2004 
53/2004 Grant of telescopic freight rate facility to under noted parties for dispatch of their traffic (Commodities) in Trainload/Wagonload from and to stations as given against via(Dump) break of gauge point at SPJ 27.05.2004 
52/2004  Updated list of Stations/Sidings capable of handling full Block Rakes on S.E.Rly-inclusion of BKSC Goods Shed in ADA division and Balasore of KGP Division in the list of full rakes points. 25.05.2004 
51/2004 Extension for opening Kharwa station for inward Coal Traffic 20.05.2004 
50/2004 Opening of Chipurupalli station for both Inward and Outward Goods traffic 18.05.2004 
49/2004  Opening of ANGUL station for both Inward and Outward Goods traffic 11.05.2004 
48/2004 Opening of New BG Line between Villupuram(VM)-Pondicherry(PDY)- Section for Passenger and Goods Traffic 10.05.2004 
47/2004  Opening of Sivakasi (SVKS) (BG) for Goods traffic. 06.05.2004 
46/2004   Siding charges on train loads(freight trains) running through from and to private sidings/Exchange Yards. 05.05.2004 
45/2004  Opening of Talvadiya-Khirkiya new diversion on Khandwa-Itarsi section of West Central Railway for passenger traffic 05.05.2004 
44/2004 Enhancement of payload of BOBR-N wagon from (CC+3) tones to (CC+4 ) tones when loaded with coal for destination within ECoRly.30.04.2004 
43/2004 Minimum Weight Condition for Oils Div. A, B,C&D, Hydrogenated Oil (vanaspati),Ghee and Butter oil when loaded in BCX/BCN/BCNA wagons. 27.04.2004 
42/2004  Haulage charges recoverable from CONCOR in respect of ISO and domestic container traffic moved in wagons owned by Indian Railways/CONCOR 27.04.2004 
41/2004 Corrigendum to JDT No-7 of N.Rly effective from 01.04.2003 22.04.2004 
40/2004 Exemption  from para 4 of Rule 125 of IRCA Goods Tariff No.41,Pt.I Vol.I for cement traffic booked from dual gauge stations on Ratlam Division of Western railway to BG stations on Northern railway via Hissar transhipment point :Post facto sanction27.04.2004 
39/2004 Corrigendum to JDT No.7 of N.Rly effective from 01.04.03 22.04.2004 
38/2004 Calculation of distance ex BNDM to RNC and for several other pair of Stations on BNDM-RNC  section on the basis of new distance table No-4 of S.E.Rly22.04.2004 
37/2004 Freight rebate on Ammonia (Anhydrous Liquefied  Gas) and Phosphoric Acid moving in privately owned tank wagons23.04.2004 
36/2004 Closure of Ramkistopur for booking of Goods Traffic 23.04.2004 
35/2004  Freight rebate on Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) moving in jointly owned tank wagons of the Railways and Oil Industry 23.04.2004 
34/2004 Rounding off of chargeable Distance : Rationalization of fares and  freight20.04.2004 
33/2004   Mini Rake Scheme 16.04.2004 
32/2004  Payment of  terminal charges to Port Trust Railways from 01.04.02 to 31.03.05 15.04.2004 
31/2004 Extension of Rationalization Scheme General order No-1/2000 08.04.2004 
30/2004  Opening of Nimpura Marshalling Yard siding served by Kharagpur,Kalaikunda and Hijli for booking of Inward Traffic 06.04.2004 
29/2004 Rebate in  freight for traffic transported in wagons owned by the National Aluminium Company Ltd., Bhubaneswar.06.04.2004 
28/2004 Opening of Hindol Road station(HND) for both inward and outward goods traffic 04.04.2004 
27/2004 Classification  of Spiral Welded Steel Pipes with diameter less than 610mm02.04.2004 
26/2004  Transportation of fodder and water to notified drought affected districts of Karnataka free of charge 31.03.2004 
25/2004  Opening of Komakhan(KMK) station for both inward and outward Goods traffic 24.03.2004 
24/2004 Extension of minimum weight condition for mangoes when loaded in BCN/BCNA wagons 23.03.2004 
23/2004 Supplying of VPU/VPH Specials for Mango Loading 22.03.2004 
22/2004  Closure of sidings over M.B. Division of N.Railway 22.03.2004 
21/2004 Opening of LAPANGA and SAMBALPUR CITY stations for both inward and outward goods traffic 19.03.2004 
20/2004 Enhancement of Minimum Weight  Condition of CC Condition commodities to the extant of CC+ tonnes when carried in BOX'N' Wagons within S.E.Railway system19.03.2004 
19/2004  Opening of Kaipada Road(KPXR) station for outward booking 18.03.2004 
18/2004  Exemption from para-4 of Rule 125 of IRCA Goods Tariff No.41,pt.I Vol I for fertilizer traffic from dual gauge stations Between Samakhiali and Gandhidham via Palanpur transhipment Point: post facto sanction 05.03.2004 
17/2004 Restriction for loading and unloading of parcels 04.03.2004 
16/2004 Withdrawal of inflation in distance for charging fares/freight for all traffic passing over Rajendra Pul(Bridge) between Hatidah and Garhara over Mokama-Barauni section 03.03.2004 
15/2004  Chargeable distance for charge over Latur Road and Latur Section for Public Carriage of Passenger Traffic 13.02.2004 
14/2004  Commercial notification for opening of DARYAPUR Station of LKO Division for Goods traffic working with full rake handling facility. 12.02.2004 
13/2004 Commercial notification for opening of City Booking Agency at Basti Jodhewal Ludhiana and Mai Hiran Gate Jalandhar City 12.02.2004 
 12/2004Minimum weight condition (MWC) of Timber waste in BCX/BCN/BCNA/BOX wagons 04.02.2004 
11/2004 Commercial Notification for Opening of "BOBBILI" station for INWARD/ OUTWARD Goods Traffic on regular basis 27.01.2004 
 10/2004Minimum weight condition of edible oils (Oils Div.E ) when loaded in BCX/BCN/BCNA wagons   14.01.2004
09/2004 Minimum weight condition for Rock Phosphate loaded in MG wagons 14.01.2004 
08/2004  Enhancement of payload of BOBR-N wagon from (CC +3) tonnes to (CC+4) tones when loaded with Coal for destinations within ECoRLY. 14.01.2004
 07/2004 Resumption of freight trains between India and Pakistan 09.01.2004
 06/2004Freight rebate on liquefied petroleum Gas (LPG)  moving in jointly owned tank wagons of the Railways and Oil Industry. 07.01.2004 
 05/2004Freight rebate on Ammonia (Anhydrous liquefied gas) and phosphoric acid moving in privately owned tank wagons.  07.01.2004
04/2004 All India costs for Diesel shunting engine and train engine hr. for recovery of siding and shunting charges.  05.01.2004
03/2004 Rebate in Freight for traffic transported in wagons owned by the National Aluminium company Ltd., Bhubaneswar 07.01.2004 
02/2004Engine hire charges for Ballast trains.  07.01.2004
01/2004 Grant of train Load benefit during slack season  05.01.2004

Source : East Coast Railway CMS Team Last Reviewed : 12-04-2021  

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