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 01/2018 N-RBECorrect Expansion of the Abbreviations 'MR' & 'MoSR' 
 02/2018 N-RBEAdmissibility of pay/stipend and other allowances such as  ALKM/TA etc to the Running Staff selected under GDCE for the post of JEs
 03/2018 02/2018Recruitment of sports Persons (Wrestlers) against Sports Quota as per new weight categories-Clarification regarding 
 04/2018 03/2018Initial/Promotion Training of Supervisors at Technical Training Center (TTC) for all Production Units. 
 05/2018 04/2018Digitalization of Service Record of Employees.
 06/2018 05/2018Admissibility of House Rent Allowance in the event of non-acceptance or surrender of Railway residential accommodation. 
07/2018 N-RBECourt Cases relating to demand of Loco Inspectors for reckoning of Pay element of 55% at the time of retirement. 
08/2018 07/2018Recording of higher academic/educational qualification in the service record of employees recruited through RRBs.
09/2018 09/2018State Railway Provident Fund-Rate of interest during the year 2017-18 (January-18 to March-2018).
10/2018 06/2018Amendments in the norms of minimum qualifications for recruitment/ promotion of teachers for classes 1 to VIII in Railway Schools (Primary and Trained Graduate Teachers).
11/2018 10/2018Recommendations of the Seventh Central Pay Commission- Implementation of decision relating to the grant of Children Education Allowance.
12/2018 11/2018Recruitment of staff in Level-1 of 7th CPC Pay Matrix on Indian Railways-Criteria for Physical Efficiency Test (PET) regarding.
13/2018 12/2018Extension of benefit of Grade Pay of Rs.4200 (Non-Functional) to staff working in the cadre of Pharmacist in case of transfer on own request.
14/2018 15/2018Revision of the rates of Hospital Patient Care Allowance (HPCA) and Patient Care Allowance (PCA) to Railway employees working in Railway Hospitals and Health Units/Clinics-Regarding. 
15/2018 16/2018Resignation of Sports Persons recruited under sports quota. 
16/2018 N-RBEClarification of Model SOP item No. 10 of Part 'F' (Transfer case) 
17/2018 13/2018Implementation of Government's decision on the recommendations of the Seventh Central Pay Commission-Revision of pension of Pre-2016 retired running staff. 
18/2018 14/2018Forwarding of Notification-regarding designation/re-designation of trades for trade apprentices under the apprentice Act.,1961. 
19/2018 N-RBEProforma for issue of NOC for obtaining Passport, family identity certificate and for sanction of Ex-India Leave. 
 20/2018 20/2018Modification in the nomenclature of International Boxing Championships and change in the age group of junior National Boxing Championships for the purpose of recruitment and/or incentives against sports quota. 
 21/2018 01/2018Eligibility for taking membership of Professional Institutes/Societies and reimbursement of membership Fee-Clarification thereof. 
 22/2018 17/2018List of training Centers of Non-gazetted staff for Indian railways (Revised). 
 23/2018 21/2018TA/DA entitlement of Non-Officials of committees/Boards/Panels etc.
 24/2018 22/2018Amendment to Para 122 of IREM-Provision regarding filling up of Posts of Station Masters. 
 25/2018 23/2018Recruitment of Persons with Disabilities from open market on Railways-Instructions regarding. 
 26/2018 27/2018Correction of No. of Master Circular on reservation for scheduled Castes/scheduled Tribes/Others Backward Classes in railway Services.  
 27/2018 29/2018Providing opportunity for submitting representation to the employees who have been awarded below 'Very Good' grading in their last three years APARs (for the purpose of MACPs)
 28/2018 N-RBEImplementation of the recommendations of the Seventh Central Pay Commission on Dress Allowance. 
 29/2018 33/2018Fixation of Inter-se-Seniority of Direct Recruit Group 'A' officers and promotee Gr.'B' officer (of eight organized Railway Services), on induction to Group 'A' junior scale. 
 30/2018 30/2018Modification in the AVC for promotion to Goods Guard in Grade Pay        Rs. 2800/-(Level-5). 
 31/2018 28/2018Revision in cadre structure and staffing pattern due to merger of three categories of posts in the Commercial department over Indian railway-Viz. ticket Checking (TC), Commercial Clerk (CC) and Enquiry-cum-Reservation-clerk(ECRC). 
 32/2018 39/2018Grant of Dearness Allowance to Railway Employees-Revised Rates effective from 01.01.2018.
 33/2018 19/2018Modification in Office Order no-47 of 2004.
 34/2018 26/2018Grant of House Rent Allowance to Railway employees posted to new Zones/new Divisions- regarding.
 35/2018 31/2018Minimum educational qualification for recruitment from open market in Level-1 of the pay matrix of 7th CPC in CEN No-02/2018 issued by RRB.
 36/2018 32/2018Implementation of recommendations of Seventh Central Pay Commission accepted by the Government- Risk Allowance.
 37/2018 35/2018Revision of provisional pension sanctioned under Rule 69 of the CCS (Pension) Rules, 1972-Reg.
 38/2018 N-RBEClarification regarding making dual charge arrangement under 7th CPC.
 39/2018 N-RBEStandardization on designations-Porter. 
 40/2018 34/2018Grant of Risk and Hardship Allowance and Special LC Gate Allowance to Track Maintainers posted as Gatemen- clarification reg.
 41/201836/2018Revision of the rates of Night Duty Allowance (NDA)- Recommendations of 7th CPC.
  42/2018  42/2018 Appointment on compassionate grounds.
 43/2018 43/2018Recruitment against Scouts &Guides quota- procedure for
 44/2018 40/2018Clarification regarding issuance of Passes on longer route to destination, if this longer route happens to be quicker than the direct route.
 45/2018 44/2018Time limit for submission of claims for Travelling Allowances reg.
 46/2018 48/2018Promotional Avenue of ESM in S&T Department.
 47/2018 N-RBEEngagement of staff against posts of SSEs/JEs (Works) in construction organization by re-engagement of retired personnel and by engagement on contract basis
 48/2018 N-RBECadre Control /Manpower Management of Mechanical &Electrical Staff involved in Diesel Maintenance & Operation and EMU/MEMU/TL/AC Maintenance and Operation.
 49/2018 47/2018Grant of Dearness Relief to Railway pensioners/family pensioners- Revised rate effective from 01.01.2018
 50/2018 54/2018Minimum educational qualification for open market recruitment to the post of Pharmacist GR.III in the Medical Department on the Railways.
 51/2018N-RBEInter-Railway/Inter-Division Transfer on Own Request/Mutual Transfer of Divisional controlled cadres as per Model SOP-Part F item 10(D).
 52/2018N-RBE Process reform-Retention of Railway Quarter on education grounds. 
 53/2018N-RBERailway Service (Revised Pay) Rules-2008-schedules for revised scale of Pay and clarification thereof. 
 54/2018N-RBEPolicy letter on cashless treatment scheme in emergency (CSTE) in empanelled hospitals for retired employees and their dependent family members. 
 55/2018N-RBEPayment of DR to re-employed pensioners-Reg.
 56/2018N-RBEExtension to the arrangement relating to provision of reimbursement of expenditure incurred on Dental treatment by railway beneficiaries. 
 57/2018N-RBEFirst aid training to be made mandatory for all running and station staff at the time of joining and every three years thereafter. 
 58/2018N-RBERevised rates-Recovery of replacement cost of silver and Bronze metal Passes in case of loss.
 59/2018N-RBEProvision of Newspaper facility to the Officers of the Zonal Railways and Production Units. 
 60/2018N-RBEEngagement of Private medical practitioners and Retired Railway/Government Doctors as Contract medical practitioners (CMPs).
 61/2018N-RBEGrant of Post Graduate(PG) Allowance to Medical Officers for possessing Post Graduate Degree/Diploma qualification. 
 62/2018N-RBEDecisions takes in Board meeting on march 06, 2018
 63/2018N-RBEInter-Railway/Inter-Divisional Transfer on own request/mutual transfer of divisional controlled cadres as per model SOP-part F item 10(D)
 64/2018N-RBERevision of remuneration of Para-Medical categories in Group-'C' engaged on contract basis.
 65/201845/2018Guidelines for fair and transparent selection.
 66/201849/2018Central Government Employees Group Insurance Scheme, 1980-Tables of Benefits for the Savings Fund for the Period from 01.01.2018 to 31.03.2018. 
 67/201850/2018Educational qualifications for recruitment/promotion of post Graduate teachers-Computer science.  
 68/201853/2018Grant of Advances-Seventh central pay Commission recommendations-Amendment to rules on house building Advance (HBA) to railway servants. 
 69/201855/2018Grant of Advances-Seventh central pay Commission recommendations-Amendment to rules on house building Advance (HBA) to railway servants. 
 70/201856/2018Grant of higher grade pay of Rs.2000/- to Drivers Gr.III (Constable) of RPF/RPSF. 
 71/201857/2018General Departmental competitive examination (GDCE) for filling up of 25% net direct recruitment quota vacancies in Group 'C' categories-extension of currency up to 31.03.2020 
 72/201858/2018Rates of Dearness Allowance applicable w.e.f.01.01.2018 to Railway employees continuing to draw their Pay Scale/Grade Pay as per 6th CPC.  
 73/2018 52/2018Revised Policy for Creation of Posts
 74/2018 59/2018State Railway Provident Fund Rate of interest during the year 2018-19 (April,2018-June,2018)
 75/2018 N-RBERetention of Railway accommodation at the previous place of posting by Railway officers/staff posted to Railway Training Institutions as Faculty Members.
 76/2018 61/2018Air Travel entitlements for journeys on tour or training; revision of instructions Reg. 
 77/2018  62/2018Ayurvedic/Homeopathic dispensaries under Staff Benefit Fund (SBF).
 78/2018 63/2018Small Family Norms in House Building Advance Rules-2017 as per the 7th CPC recommendations. 
 79/2018 64/2018Air Travel entitlements for journeys on tour or training; revision of instructions Reg. 
 80/2018 65/2018Relieving of staff on transfer on mutual exchange basis.
 81/2018 N-RBEClarification regarding entitled number of sets of "Post Retirement Complimentary Passes" (PRCP) admissible to lateral entrants in railway Service. 
 82/2018 N-RBEEngagement of School teacher on Contract basis in railway Schools- clarification thereof. 
 83/2018 N-RBEClarification on Dress Allowance. 
 84/2018 N-RBEClarification regarding validation of Special Passes issued on Medical Grounds with break Journey and longer route facilities in Duronto Express trains. 
 85/2018 41/2018Grant of Overtime Allowance (OTA) to Railway employees  consequent upon revision of Pay scales and allowances - date of effect.
 86/2018 67/2018Air Travel entitlements for journeys on tour or training, revision of instructions reg.
 87/2018 68/2018Implementation of recommendations of 7th CPC accepted by the Government-Abolition of Study Allowance-reg.
 88/2018 69/2018Allowing staff of Technicians category in grade Pay Rs.1800/- working in EMU,DEMU and MEMU sheds to volunteer for selection against 50% quota of ALPs.
 89/2018 71/2018Syllabus for 30% LDCE held for promotion to Group 'B' post of AMM in stores Department.
 90/2018 RBA-49Implementation of e-PPO.
 91/2018 RBA-52Modification in Appendix-3 of Indian Railway Establishment Manual, Volume-1(Revised Edition 1989). 
 92/2018 N-RBEEntitlement of various types of accommodation based on the revised pay scale recommended by the 7th CPC.
 93/2018 72/2018Promotional Avenue of ESMs in S&T Department.
 94/2018 73/2018Ceilings in respect of office Expenditure on Hospitality for Training Institute.
 95/2018 74/2018Revised training course content and duration of Chemical and Metallurgical Assistants (CMAs) and Sr. Chemical Metallurgical Assistants (SCMAs), who are recruited directly in the Metallurgical and Chemical cadre of Indian Railways.  
 96/2018 76/2018Status of Indian Power lifting Federation (IPF)
 97/2018 78/2018Providing opportunity for submitting representation, to the employees who have been awarded below "Very Good" grading in their last three years' APARs (for the purpose of MACPs).
 98/2018 N-RBEUp-gradation of Medical fitness category of Technicians and Helpers of Track Machine Wing of Civil Engineering Department from B-1 to A-3 Medical standard. 
 99/2018 N-RBERemoval of personal information of employees from the websites. 
100/2018 N-RBEPolicy on Drunkenness on Duty.
101/201870/2018Implementation of Hon'ble Supreme Court's judgement dated 31.10.2013 in WP( C )82/2011-Postings/Transfers on Railways-Corrigendum-regarding 
102/201875/2018Implementation of recommendations of Seventh CPC accepted by the Government-Post Graduate Allowance. 
103/201879/2018Reiteration on instructions relating to application of own merit in Direct Recruitment for appointment of Other backward Classes (OBCs)-regarding. 
104/201881/2018Resignation of Sports Persons recruited under Sports Quota. 
105/2018 91/2018Implementation of Interim Orders/Directions in Special Leave to Appeal (C) No. 30621/2011 arising out of final judgement and order dated 15.07.2011 in CWP No. 13218/2009 passed by the Hon'ble High Court of Punjab & Haryana and Special Leave to appeal  (C) No.. 31288/2017 arising out of Hon'ble Delhi High Court judgment dated 23.08.2017 and other related court cases-regarding.   
106/201837/2018Amendment of the Railway Services (Revised pay) Rules, 2016.
107/201866/2018Policy on grant of cash award by Hon'ble MR/MOS (R)/CRB and Board Members and DGs on their visit to Zonal railway/PUs. 
108/201879/2018Reiteration of instructions relating to application of own merit in Direct Recruitment for appointment of Other Backward Classes (OBCs)-Regarding. 
109/201884/2018Retention of railway accommodation at the previous place of posting in favour of the officers/staff posted to Jammu-Udhampur-Srinagar-Baramulla Project. 
110/201885/2018Norms/Procedure for future promotion in the unified cadre of Track Maintainers. 
111/201886/2018Revision of designations of erstwhile Group 'C' Nursing Staff. 
112/2018  N-RBETransfer of office bearers of All India SC/ST Railway employees Association.
 113/2018 N-RBESubscription rates of RELHS- regarding.
 114/2018 N-RBELeave rules of DNB trainees engaged .
 115/2015 N-RBEWaiver of the Damage /panel rent paid for retention of quarter at previous place of posting by Officers worked as DRM between 31.01.2015 to 03.09.2017.
 116/2018 N-RBENFIR's PNM item No.30/2018- Revision of criteria for "Diet Charges" for patients admitted in Railway Hospitals- regarding.
 117/2018 87/2018Grant of Grade Pay Rs.6600/-PB-3 to Nursing Personnel i.e. Staff Nurses/Nursing Sister/Matron/Chief Matron under 3rd MACP.
 118/2018 89/2018Posting of SC/ST candidates/employees near their home town on intial appointment/promotions/transfers.
 119/2018 90/2018Recruitment of sports persons on Zonal Railways/Production Units against Sports Quota.
 120/2018 94/2018Implementation of Interim Orders/Directions in Special Leave to Appeal (C) No. 30621/2011 arising out of final judgement and order dated 15.07.2011 in CWP No. 13218/2009 passed by the Hon'ble High Court of Punjab & Haryana and Special Leave to appeal  (C) No.. 31288/2017 arising out of Hon'ble Delhi High Court judgment dated 23.08.2017 and other related court cases-regarding.   
 121/2018 80/2018Amendment to para 1004 and 1005 of IREM Vol.I (1989 edition)- clarification in respect of claims not over three years old from the due date.
 122/2018 82/2018Appointment on compassionate grounds-Suitability Test - regarding.
 123/2018 93/2018Committee for selection of Instructors/Trainers in training institutions.
 124/2018 N-RBERemoval of age of 25 years of medical facilities for dependent children of serving Railway employees and pensioners.
 125/201898/2018Central Government Employees Group Insurance Scheme, 1980-Tables of Benefit for the Savings Fund for the period from 01.04.2018 to 30.06.2018.
126/201896/2018Financial upgration to Sectional Controllers ignoring the promotion from the post of Station Master (GP ₹ 4200/- Pre revised ₹ 5000-8000) to Section Controller (PB-2, GP ₹ 4200/- Pre-revised ₹5500-9000).
127/201899/2018Mutual Transfer of staff in Level-1(GP 1800/-) belonging to two different Cadres/Departments. 
128/2018100/2018Recognition of Multi Disciplinary Training Centre (MDTC) at Rail Wheel Plant/Bela.
129/2018101/2018Grant of Advances-Seventh Central Pay Commission recommendations-Amendment to rules on House Building Advace (HBA) to Railway servants. 
130/2018N-RBERetention of Railway accommodation on deputation to Central Ministries/Departments under Central Staffing Scheme and to other organizations eligible for allotment of accommodation under GPRA.
131/2018104/2018Inclusion of a Parent as well as “Medical Attendant” in Special Passes issued on Medical Ground in favour of minor children of Railway employees
132/2018106/2018Recruitment of meritorious sports persons afresh in higher grade (commensurate with his achievement) without diluting the benefits he has been getting in his previous grade. 
133/2018108/2018Complimentary Card Passes (CCPs) to “Tenzing Norgay National Adventure Award” (TNNA Awardees).
134/2018109/2018State Railway Provident Fund-rate of interest during the year 2018-19 (July, 2018-September, 2018).
135/2018110/2018Clarification regarding inclusion of dependent “Widowed daughters” and “Legally divorced daughters” (LDD) in ‘Post retirement Complimentary Pass’ (PRCP) and Widow  Pass.
136/201888/2018Ration Money Allowance during leave other than LAP.
137/2018103/2018Child Care Leave (CCL)-Clarification Reg. 
138/2018N-RBEAdoption of uniform guidelines for procedures followed in compassionate appointment cases. 
139/2018N-RBERevised Rate-Recovery of replacement cost of Gold Metal Passesin case of loss. 
140/2018111/2018Timely filling up of vacancies by General Departmental Competitive Examination (GDCE) and Limited Departmental Competitive Examination (LDCE) 
141/2018112/2018General Departmental Competitive Examination- Consolidated instructions-reg. 
142/2018114/2018Recommendations of the Seventh Central Pay Commission(7th CPC)-Implementation of decisions relating to the grant of Children Education Allowance (CEA) and Hostel Subsidy-Consolidated instruction
143/2018107/2018Clarification regarding grant of PCO allowance to staff of Production Control Organization (JEs/SSEs).
144/2018113/2018Permission to retain Railway accommodation at the place of previous posting by Railway officers/staff going on deputation to joint Venture Companies (JVs) being set up by Ministry of Railways with various State Governments. 
145/2018116/2018Priority to DRMs in house allotment on return from DRM posting.
146/2018118/2018Filling of the posts of Jr. Translator of Zonal Railways-reg. 
147/2018120/2018Transfer of Non-gazetted staff from one Department to another Department-Delegation of powers to Divisional Railway Managers.  
148/2018121/2018Amendment in the Duty Pass entitlement of Government Railway Police (GRP). 
149/2018122/2018Grant of Advances-Seventh Central Pay Commission recommendations-Amendment to Rules on House Building Advance (HBA) to Railway servants. 
150/2018123/2018Out-of -Turn Promotion (OTP) to outstanding Sports persons and Coaches to Officer Cadre on sports accounts for representing India in Category A & B International Championships and on being awarded Padma Shri Award.  
151/2018124/2018Recruitment of Sports Persons (Weight lifting) against Sports Quota as per new weight categories-Clarification regarding. 
152/2018125/2018Payment of Conveyance Allowance to IRMS Doctors-reg. 
153/2018126/2018Date of next increment-Rule 10 of RS (RP) Rules, 2016-regarding. 
154/2018127/2018Reservation for candidates from Other Backward Classes-Revision of Income Criteria and determining equivalence of Posts in Central Public Sector Enterprises (CPSEs), Public Sector banks, Public Financial Institutions, etc. with Posts in Government for establishing Creamy Layer criteria-regarding. 
155/2018128/2018Grant of additional post allowance (APA)-abolition of existing dual charge allowance being granted to officers in Indian Railways-decision of the Government on the recommendation of the Seventh Pay Commission (7th CPC). 
156/2018130/2018Scheme of optional 'All India Leave travel Concession' (AILTC) facility, once in a block of four years i.e. 2018-2021 on wards) on surrender of Privilege Passes (PP).  
157/2018132/2018Grant of Dearness Allowance to Railway employees-Revised Rates effective from 01.07.2018. 
158/2018134/2018Appointment on compassionate grounds-transfer of cases from one division/workshops to other division/workshop. 
159/2018129/2018Inclusion of syllabus related with routine maintenance of Small Track Machines in Training Module No.PTMIN006 & PMTPR005 for Civil Engineering Permanent Way staff.
160/2018131/2018Minimum rates of wages and variable dearness allowance w.e.f. 01.04.2018. 
161/2018136/2018System improvement regarding selection of Apprentices for training under the Apprentices Act., 1961.
162/2018137/2018Central Government Employees Group Insurance Scheme, 1980,-Tables of Benefits for the Savings Fund for the period from 01.07.2018 to 30.09.2018.
163/2018139/2018One-way request transfer on out of turn basis.
164/2018141/2018Instructions for sports Persons on Indian Railways-Norms and procedure for recruitment, norms for incentives and out-of-turn promotions and sports Quota for Railways/Units, etc. 
165/2018142/2018Availability of option for fixation of pay on promotion from the date of next increment (DNI) in the lower post and method of fixation of pay from DNI, if opted for, in context of RS(RP) Rules, 2016-Regarding. 
166/2018N-RBEGeneral Departmental Competitive Examination-Consolidated instructions-Reg-Corrigendum. 
167/2018N-RBEClarification regarding encashment of Leave on Average pay (LAP) while availing Privilege Pass/PTO-relaxation of Rule. 
168/2018135/2018Issue of 2 sets of Post Retirement Complimentary Passes (PRCP) to Group 'D' employees retired on or after 01.01.2006.
169/2018140/2018Amendment of Instructions regarding dearness relief to re-employed pensioners consequent on revision of ignorable part of pension for fixation of pay in the re-employment post-reg. 
170/2018144/2018Option to be submitted by Doctors belonging to IRMS and Dental Doctors under the Ministry of Railways to serve the Government up to 65 Years-Reg. 
 171/2018 154/2018 Payment of Productivity Linked Bonus to all eligible non-gazetted Railway employees for the financial year 
172/2018 149/2018Hon'ble Supreme Court judgment dated-15.09.2017 in SLP (C ) No-9574 of 2013 filed by All India Adiwasi Employees federation against judgment dated-20.12.2012 of Hon'ble High Court of Bombay, Nagpur Bench- Appointment of candidates belonging to Halba Koshti/Halbi Koshti/Koshti, etc. castes against vacancies reserved for the Scheduled Tribes-regarding
 173/2018 143/2018 Entitlement for house retention by Railway Officers appointed as MDs/CMDs of Railway PSUs in Project mode.
 174/2018 163/2018 Revision of designation of "Safaiwala" in Indian Railway.
 175/2018 N-RBE Fixing of Remuneration in favour of Re-engaged retired Employees covered under NPS.
 176/2018 N-RBE Cash Awards and Allowances (i.e. Camp Allowance)to the personnel of Railway Engineers Regiments (Territorial Army).
 177/2018 147/2018Grant of dearness Relief to Railway Pensioners/family pensioners- revised rate effective from 01.07.2018
 178/2018 152/2018Rate of dearness Allowance applicable w.e.f. from 01.07.2018 to Railway employees continuing to draw their pay in the pre- revised pay scale/grade pay as per 6th CPC.
179/2018 155/2018 Fixation of maximum ceiling limit for payment of honorarium to Cashiers and other Cash &Pay Staff.
 180/2018 157/2018 Encashment of leave  on Average pay along with All India  Leave travel Concession (AILTC) in a block of four years  (i.e. 2018-2021 onwards ) on surrender of privilege Passes (PP)
181/2018 158/2018 Railway Services (Revised Pay) rules,2008-section II of the Part 'A' of the First Schedule thereto-entry pay for direct recruits appointed on or after 01.01.2006 and pay fixation in the case of persons other than such direct recruits. 
182/2018  159/2018provision regarding mandatory cooling off period between two deputations for appointment in the personal staff of Union Ministers- Amendment in Para 8.4 of DOP&Ts O.M. No-6/8/2009-Estt(Pay-II) dated 17th June 2010 - regarding. 
 183/2018 160/2018State Railway Provident Fund - Rate of interest during the year 2018 -19 (Oct.2018- December, 2018) 
 184/2018161/2018 Filling up of posts of station Master in GP Rs.4600/- Level-7 classification of posts-reg 
185/2018 164/2018 Circulation of list of elected office bearers of All India OBC Railway Employees Association of Zonal Railways/ PU s affiliated with CEC/AIOBCREF- reg. 
186/2018 N-RBEImplementation of the recommendations of the Seventh CPC Dress Allowance. 
 187/2018 N-RBEReimbursement of travelling expenditure during training abroad
 188/2018 N-RBEProcess reforms: uniformity of provisions in works, Earning & Services Contracts.
 189/2018 N-RBEClarification on admissibility of Charge Allowance in Indian Railways. 
 190/2018 N-RBEClarification Regarding grant of Risk and Hardship Allowance to Track Maintainers posted in Construction Organisations. 
191/2018 N-RBE Mutual transfer involving employees working in two different grades. 
192/2018 N-RBE Tenure of Deputation of Non Gazetted staff of Railways in Railway PSUs and autonomous bodies- Guidelines Regarding. 
193/2018 162/2018 Child Care Leave (CCL)-Reg. 
194/2018 165/2018Preference for allotment of Railway accommodation to the eligible spouse/Ward of retired railway allottee as per entitlement or one type higher in sharing of accommodation cases. 
195/2018 145/2018Appointment on compassionate grounds-Relaxation in upper age limit regarding. 
196/2018 146/2018 Induction of Trackmen in to other departments. 
197/2018148/2018Minimum educational qualification for recruitment of staff  from open market in Level-1 of pay matrix of 7th CPC 
 198/2018150/2018 Terminationof the LARSGESS Scheme in view of directions of Hon'ble High Court of Punjab and Haryana and the orders of Hon'ble Supreme Court of India in SLP (C) No-508/2018 date-08.01.2018 
 199/2018151/2018 LARSGESS Scheme 
 200/2018153/2018 Grant of additional HRA to the Railway employees serving in the States of North Eastern Region, Andaman &Nocobar Islands, Lakshadweep Islands and Ladakh.
201/2018  166/2018Discontinuation of Direct Recruitment to the posts of Senior Section Engineers. 
202/2018 168/2018Introduction of refresher course for Helper/Signal and revision of the Foundation course for promote Signal Maintainers. 
203/2018 170/2018 Grant of ad-hoc bonus for 30 days to the Group 'C' &'D' RPF/RPSF personnel for the financial year 2017-18. 
204/2018 171/2018 Designations of doctors belonging to IRMS and Dental Doctors under the Ministry of Railways on posting to Clinical posts. 
 205/2018N-RBE Issue of First Class 'A' Special Duty Cheque Pass to Railway Servants called for special felicitation/reward/award. 
 105A/2018 97/2018 Transfer on deputation/foreign service of Central government Employees to ex-cadre posts-Amendment in Para 8.2of DOP&T's O.M. No-6/8/2009-Estt.(Pay-II) dated-17th June,2010- regarding. 
129A/2018 102/2018 Direct recruitment from open market in Level-1 (7th CPC Pay Matrix)- procedure- regarding. 
146A/2018 119/2018 Filling up of vacancies on the Railways. 
 206/2018 133/2018Revision of rates of stipend to apprentices and trainees on Railways. 
 207/2018 169/2018 Minimum rates of wages and variable dearness allowance w.e.f 01.10.2018
208/2018 173/2018  Settlement Forms to be filled by the retiring Railway Servant.
 209/2018175/2018  Fixation of pay /admissibility of Increment under Rule-13 of Revised Pay rules,2008 in the situation of placement on non functional basis in higher Pay band/Grade pay.
 210/2018 179/2018 Promotion process reforms-Amendment to para 219(i)of IREM Vol-1, Reprint Edition,2009.
 211/2018 176/2018 Reiteration of GP 4800/5400 (Level-8/Level-9) as apex promotional grade in stenographers cadre in Field offices (including Zonal Railways) as per extant provisions.
 212/2018 180/2018Appointment on Compassionate grounds-Delegation of power-reg. 
213/2018 N-RBE  Instructions for system Improvement and speedy disposal of DAR cases pending with the Indian Railways (Railway Board &Zonal Railways
214/2018  N-RBEVerification of character and antecedents in Attestation Form.
215/2018  N-RBE

Discontinuation of circulation of hard copies of Orders/Circulars etc.

216/2018 182/2018 Periodical Transfer of non-gazetted Railway employees in Commercial Deptt. 
217/2018  N-RBE Disposal of long pending D&AR cases.
218/2018N-RBE Split Medical Identity Card to serving Railway employees.
219/2018  174/2018Honorarium payble to various functionaries in Control Rooms for conducting examinations 
220/2018 183/2018  Conducting of Selection to fill up the posts in the cadre of PGT/TGT-Hiringservices of Professors/Experts from out side the railways-Regarding.
221/2018  184/2018 Extension of retirement age of Doctors-Travel Entitlements reg.
 222/2018 187/2018 Promotion process reforms-Constitution of Selection Board-Amendment to Para 218 ( c)  of IREM Vol.I,2009 Reprint Edition.
223/2018 N-RBE Accident free service Award to the employees retired after 01.01.2016. 
224/2018  N-RBEModification in the AVC for promotion to Goods Guards in Grade Pay Rs.2800/- (Level-5). 
225/2018 N-RBE  APAR of NG staff in Level-6 GP-4200/-
226/2018 N-RBE  Railway Services (Revised Pay) Rules, 2008-clarification regarding proviso under Rule-10.
227/2018 N-RBE Addendum to the Comprehensive Transfer Policy guidelines issued vide Board’s letter of even number dated-31.08.2015.
228/2018  172/2018Permission to retain railway Quarter at previous place of posting by the Railway personnel on posting to Modern Coach Factory ,Raibareli. 
229/2018 167/2018 Retention of Railway accommodation by Railway employees upon permanent/immediate absorption in PSUs/Societies etc. 
230/2018  178/2018Issuance of Special Passes on Medical grounds for follow-up medical treatment in outstation Hospitals.
231/2018  185/2018 Permission to retain Railway accommodation at the previous place of posting by Railway officers/staff posted to Rail wheel Plant (RWP), Bela, Dist- Chhapra, Saran,Bihar.
232/2018 186/2018 Recommendation of the Parliamentary Committee on the Welfare of SC/STs posting of Law Assistant/Chief Law Assistant in Reservation Cell exclusively for dealing with reservation matters.
233/2018 188/2018 Provision regarding relaxation of the eligibility condition of minimum 9 years of service for proceeding on deputation/foreign service- Amendment in para 8.5 of DOP&T’s O.M.No-6/82009-Esst.(Pay-II), dated-17th June,2010-regarding.
234/2018189/2018  Pay,Allowances and other entitlements for IRMS/Dental Doctors under Ministry of Railways who have opted to serve on clinical post after attaining age of 62 years.
235/2018 190/2018  Promotion process reforms-Amendment to Para 214 ( c) ii and para 214 ( c )(v) of IREM Vol.I-Modification of vacancy anticipation period and panel initiation frequency for posts filledc by non-selection process.
236/2018 191/2018Availability of option for fixation of Pay on MACPs from the date of next increment (DNI) in the lower post and method of fixation of pay from DNI, if opted for in context of RS(RP) Rules,2016-regarding.
 237/2018192/2018 Grant of Non-functional scale to Group ‘B’ Officers of Organised Services on 100 % basis after completion of 04 years of regular service –Procedure.
238/2018 193/2018 Retention of railway accommodation byn railway officers/staff on their deputation to railway PSUs. 
239/2018 196/2018 Introduction of 100 % Objective Paper for promotional examination to expedite and simplify examination process.
240/2018197/2018 Railway Services (Revised Pay ) Rules,2016- opportunity for revision of option to come over to revised pay structure.
241/2018 198/2018 Creation of posts for new assets-“Pool of Surrendered Posts”- Posts Surrendered due to Work Study Reports.

Source : East Coast Railway CMS Team Last Reviewed : 03-01-2022  

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