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CE-Circulars yr wise




CE's Circular No.1_2003_ Vulnerable locations -provision of Buffer rails.

CE's Circular No.2_2003_Preparedness for restoration of Track after accidents.

CE's Circular No.3_2003_Periodic measurement of Horizontal distance to Signaling structure.

CE's Circular No.4_2003_ Inspection of breathing length & SEJ on LWR.


CE's Circular No.5_2004_Provision of contract labour Act-1970 in RLy works .

CE's Circular No.6_2004_ Execution of P.WAY works requiring traffic block.

CE's Circular No.7_2004_Instalation of Hectometer post along the track.

CE's Circular No.8_2004_Guidelines for Plantation along the Rly Track.

CE 's Circular No.9_2004 Standard drg for manned & unmanned level crossing.

CE's Circular No.10_2004_ Roof top rainwater harvesting for augmentation.

CE's Circular No.11_2004_ Schedule of Inspections for the curves.

CE's Circular No.12_2004_Accountal of SEJs & Glued Joints.

CE's Circular No.13_2004_Maintenance of Assurance Register.

CE's Circular No.14_2004_Inspection of Hidden works.


CE's Circular No.15_Selection of species of trees for plantation .

CE's Circular No.16_2005 Type plan for Retiring Room, ORH suites.

CE's Circular No.17_2005_ Maintenance of grouting of substructure.

CE's Circular No.18_2005_Fixing of spare joggled fishplates.

CE's Circular No.19_2005_Quality Audit Cell.

CE's Circular No.20_2005_Staggered Rail Joints on Sharp Curves.

CE's Circular No.21_2005_Working of Track Machines-safety aspects.

CE's Circular No.22_2005_ Inspection of Steel fencing.

CE's Circular No.23_2005_Inspection and maintenance of FOB.

CE's Circular No.24_2005_ Ban on carrying of Thermit welding portions .


CE's Circular No.25_2006_ Supply and loading, training out of ballast


CE's Circular No.26_2008_ Granting of way leave facilities.

CE's Circular No.27_2008_Guidelies for processing proposal involving long stretches of Rly land .


CE's Circular No.28_2012_ Use of Relieving Griders at work sites.

CE's Circular No.29_2012_Adopting Equivalent, similar products in Civil Engg contract.


CE's Circular No.1_2014_Effective Planning for expeditious execution of works.

CE's Circular No.2_2014_Preparation of plans for execution of different works .

CE's Circular No.3_2014_Effective Planning  of invitation & finalization of Tenders.
Circular No.4_2014_Development of Major colonies into Model colonies.

CE's Circular No.5_2014_Visible improvement to existing circulating areas .


CE's Circular No.35_arrangement of CE's circular renamed from 1 to 34.

CE's Circular No.36_Greasing of track components.

CE's Circular No.37_Welding of stock & tongue rails of overriding switches .

CE's Circular No.38_Anti-Corrosive treatments of Rails.

CE's Circular No.39_Identification & examination of Joggled fish plates.

CE's Circular No.40_Measurement of SEJ gap & fixing of reference pillars.

CE's Circular No.41_Execution of finishing works such as white washing etc.


CE's Circular No.42_Pre-monson Bridge inspection & maintenance of register.


PCE's Circular No. 01_2020_Handing and Taking over of New assets.

PCE's Circular No.02_2020_Fixing of wind ties to sheet roofing.

PCE's Circular No.03_2020_Provision of Aerators to water Taps for saving water.
CE's Circular No.4_2020_Protection of Trestles of FOB implanted .

 2021 PCE's Circular No.01_2021_Stop repairing of Units Quarters

CE's Circular No.02_2021_Barrack Design for RPF, RPSF Personnel


CE's Circular No.01/2023 - Protective Screen for OHE on FOB/ROB

PCE Circular No.02/2023 -Colour Code for Painting of Walls, Timber and Steel Work of Buildings and Structures

PCE Circular No.03/2023 - Setting up of Quality Monitoring Cell in HQ Engg Dept

Source : East Coast Railway CMS Team Last Reviewed : 03-10-2023  

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