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Circular No.                           Subject                                    


353/2021 CRT- advance stacking of cargo/container at group III CRTs 19.10.2021 
352/2021 Authorised users for the PFT M/s Aryan Ispat & power Ltd served by Lapanga  18.10.2021 
351/2021 Carrying Capacity if ICF coaches for transportation  Parcel traffic  12.10.2021 
350/2021  Two/Multiple unloading Points for Automobile traffic (other than that loaded in rakes owned by AFTOs,and DBKMs).11.10.2021 
349/2021 Policy Guidelines- Transportation of Products-Two Point Rake(Other than covered wagons) for Steel traffic11.10.2021 
348/2021  Classification of " Ferro Chrome". 11.10.2021 
347/2021  Notification of additional circuits for 2nd, 5th and 6h BFNSM (22.9 Ton type wagons) rakes of M/s TM International Logistics Ltd procured under Special Freight Train Operator (SFTO) Scheme. 08.10.2021 
346/2021 Change in GST Rates.  06.10.2021 
345/2021 Re-opening of Hirakud (HKG) station for Goods traffic  05.10.2021
344/2021 Revision of loading/unloading points (close circuits) of 04 BTAP rakes of MsVedanta Limited under Liberalized Wagon Investment Scheme(LWIS) 05.10.2021 
343/2021 Revision of loading/unloading points (close circuits) of ten BTAP rakes of M/s Vedanta Limited under Liberalized Wagon Investment Scheme (LWIS) 05.10.2021  
342/2021 Amendment to 'Comprehensive Parcel Leasing Policy'- 'Successful bidder's inability to commence the contract'-reg 05.10.2021  
341/2021 Amendment No.10 to Freight Marketing Circular No.11 of 2016-Policy Circular on Private Sidings. 04.10.2021  
340/2021 Provision of e-Parcel Way Bill(e-PWB) in Parcel Management System(PMS)  04.10.2021  
339/2021 Permission to Container Train Operators(CTOs) to access(i)Container Terminals of other CTOs & (ii) Private Sidings04.10.2021  
338/2021 Opening of Handapa(HNPA) station for handling of inward traffic of Coal 04.10.2021  
 337/2021Revision of chargeable distance of Vishakhapatnam Port (VZP)  and sidings under Vishakhapatnam Port Trust 04.10.2021   
336/2021 Policy Guidelines- Transportation of Products-combining wagon load indents for Train Load rake charging 01.10.2021       
335/2021 Rebate in Freight for traffic transported  in privately owned wagons 30.09.2021       
334/2021  Revision in the rate of siding charge 30.09.2021       
333/2021  Traffic at Deep Draught Iron  and Coal Berths of M/s PPT,paradeep30.09.2021       
332/2021  Operation of container trains by private container  operator (PCO) in Railway owned terminals 29.09.2021       
331/2021 Rates of "Haulage Charge per TEU" for movement of 20 feet, 24 feet, 25 feet and 45 feet containers in privately owned wagons29.09.2021       
330/2021Running of Freight trains on CC+8 routes 29.09.2021       
329/2021 Adjustment in Base Freight Rates-Classification of Commodities-Red Mud 29.09.2021       
328/2021 Classification of  "Cycles or Cycle Parts" 29.09.2021       
327/2021 Transportation of Liquid Medical Oxygen (LMO) 28.09.2021       
326/2021 Exemption from mandatory weighment (100%) in case of HR/CR Sheet  and other Steel consignment.28.09.2021       
325/2021 Freight charges applicable for 2-ter and 3-tier AC coaches (ICF make) being utilized for transportation of Parcels.  28.09.2021       
324/2021 Renumbering of Privately owned wagons of M/s NALCO 21.09.2021       
323/2021   Opening of Paralakhemundi(PLH) Station over Waltair division for parcel traffic 17.09.2021       
322/2021  Preferential Traffic Order GO No.95  -  Amendment  No.1 16.09.2021       
321/2021 Issuance of Credit Note through GSTM for refund of GST 16.09.2021       
320/2021 Amendment No.2 of LSFTO master circular 2020 15.09.2021       
319/2021 Notification of BFNV wagons as high capacity wagons under LSFTO scheme 15.09.2021       
318/2021 Additional free time for cleaning  of tank wagons in private siding in case of edible oil 15.09.2021       
317/2021 Load adjustment of overloaded wagons and weighment after  load adjustment15.09.2021       
316/2021 Authorized rail users of PFT of M/s CONCOR (CCJS) 15.09.2021       
315/2021 Classification of Nano Fertilizers- all types 13.09.2021       
314/2021 Issuance of credit note through GSTM for refund of GST 13.09.2021       
313/2021  Automatic Freight rebate scheme for traffic loaded in Traditional  Empty Flow direction 13.09.2021        
312/2021 Classification of "Putty" 10.09.2021       
311/2021 Directive for compliance to be undertaken prior to filling of tax for tax period of Sep,2021 10.09.2021       
310/2021 Chargeable distance for fertilizer handling siding of M/s DPCL (FDBR) 09.09.2021       
309/2021 Four virtual terminals for the purpose of apportionment of earning between ECoR and M/s DPCL for DPCB siding  09.09.2021       
308/2021 Running of freight trains on CC+8 routes 08.09.2021       
307/2021 Routes of running of 25T axle load wagons- DFCCIL 07.09.2021       
306/2021 Free time for loading/unloading for parcel rake comprising of GS coaches  07.09.2021       
305/2021 Renumbering of Privately owned wagons (BTAP/BTPN/BTCS)  of M/s NALCO  14.09.2021       
304/2021 Tolerance limit for thermocol boxes loaded with fish07.09.2021 
303/2021 Policy guidelines- Transportation products- Two point rakes (BTPN wagons) 07.09.2021 
302/2021 Running of freight trains on CC+8 routes  06.09.2021  
301/2021 Induction of 1st BOXNHL of M/s Kaling Metalic under GPWIS over South Eastern Railway03.09.2021  
300/2021 Change of circuit of 3 BOXNHL Rakes of M/s Rungta Mines Ltd under GPWIS  03.09.2021  
299/2021 Provision of e- parcel way bill in Parcel Management System 03.09.2021  
298/2021 Generation of Electronic Cash remittance Note through FOIS- online Goods balance sheet 03.09.2021 
297/2021 Rationalisation scheme  General rder No. 01/2014 -Amendment No. 2102.09.2021 
296/2021 Guidelines regarding round  the clock working at Railway terminals 02.09.2021 
295/2021 eT-RR 01.09.2021 
294/2021 Hire charges on wagons interchanged- revision of  31.08.2021 
293/2021 Opening of Line No.5 at Kerejanga (KPJG) station for Goods traffic 01.09.2021 
292/2021 Classification of "Fly ash Block" 31.08.2021 
291/2021 Refund of freight for cancellation of  booked parcels on account of cancellation of trains31.08.2021 
290/2021 Applicability of amendment No.2 of FMC 11 of 2016 over Pvt Sidings 24.08.2021 
289/2021 Notification of alternate Goods shed in ECoR 23.08.2021 
288/2021 PCC, loading tolerance, standard size rake etc of BFNV wagon 19.08.2021 
287/2021 Traffic for the Pvt siding of M/s Jindal steel and power ltd served by Kerejanga  19.08.2021 
286/2021 Haulage Charges for Postal traffic  for 2020-21 19.08.2021 
285/2021 Issuance of Credit Note through GSTM for refund of GST 19.08.2021 
284/2021  Clarification  regarding  applicability of TEFD  for wagons  indented to the actual wagons supplied-reg18.08.2021 
283/2021 Policy guidelines- Transportation products18.08.2021
282/2021 Opening of Tapang (TAP) station for handling inward Slag traffic  18.08.2021  
281/2021 Debit/credit system of demurrage 18.08.2021  
280/2021 Amendment to "Policy for leasing of Parcel cargo  train" Leaseholder's inability to load 16.08.2021 
279/2021 Induction of 05 BOXNHL rakes of M/s S M Nirayat Pvt ltd under GPWIS over SERly13.08.2021 
278/2021 Punitive Charge for overloading 13.08.2021 
277/2021 Running of freight trains on CC+8 routes 12.08.2021 
276/2021 Classification of water for industrial use 12.08.2021 
275/2021 Classification of Poultry feeds 12.08.2021 
274/2021 Notified Stations 12.08.2021 
273/2021 Amendment No.9 to FM circular  No.11 of 2016 - policy on private siding12.08.2021 
272/2021 Restriction of parcel traffic over Delhi area in connection with Independence day 2021 10.08.2021 
271/2021 Authorised user for PFT of M/s Aryan Ispat and power Pvt ltd (MAIL) 10.08.2021 
270/2021 Classification of "Anhydrous Denatured Ethanol" 09.08.2021 
269/2021 Allotment of separate Numerical code for 13 private sidings  09.08.2021 
268/2021 Opening of Hindol road station for outward traffic "Fly ash" 06.08.2021 
267/2021 Applicability of penalty for weighbridge failure over PFT  04.08.2021 
266/2021 Opening of Paralakhemundi(PLH) station over Waltair division for Parcel traffic 04.08.2021 
265/2021  List of CRTs02.08.2021
264/2021   Discount scheme for bulk booking of Parcel Space in advance 30.07.2021 
263/2021  Inclusion of authorized user for the PFT of M/s Aryan Ispat and Power Pvt Ltd. served by Lapanga station 30.07.2021 
262/2021 Opening of PFT of M/s Aryan Ispat and Power Pvt Ltd.(MAIL) for outward booking of non-programmed coal under Priority 'D' 30.07.2021 
261/2021 Rationalization of Rates structure of Parcel and Luggage 30.07.2021 
260/2021 Registration of demand for wagons electronically(e-RD)-do away with IRCTC payment gateway for payment of WRF 29.07.2021 
259/2021   Revision in the rates of siding charges 29.07.2021 
258/2021  Rationalization of Rates for Parcel traffic for 2021-22 28.07.2021 
257/2021 Rationalization of Rates structure for Parcel & Luggage traffic w.e.f 09.06.2021  28.07.2021 
256/2021 19 spare wagons against 7 BOXNHL rakes of M/s Adani Logistics Ltd inducted under GPWIS 28.07.2021 
255/2021 Use of new features/enhancement in PMS 27.07.2021 
254/2021 Integration of weighbridge with FOIS- Read only access to private siding  27.07.2021 
253/2021 Haulage charges for Railway Milk Tankers  owned by Private parties 27.07.2021 
252/2021 Additional circuit for three rakes of  Wagons of M/s Jindal steel and power Ltd under SFTO 27.07.2021 
251/2021 Haulage charge for roundtrip movement of container – power to zonal Railway  26.07.2021 
250/2021 Routes for running of 25 T Axle load wagons 26.07.2021 
249/2021 Transportation products-Two and multi point rake(other than covered wagons)for Steel traffic23.07.2021  
248/2021 Transportation products- Standard rake size- BAFRDR 23.07.2021 
247/2021 Discount on Haulage charge for  empty  containers meant for  bulk Cement  22.07.2021 
246/2021 Opening of DKLU for inward sleeper Consignment 22.07.2021 
245/2021 Inclusion of authorised railuser at Greenfield PFT of M/s CONCOR (CCJS) 19.07.2021 
244/2021  Waiver of Demurrage/Wharfage - Schedule of Power 19.07.2021 
243/2021  Classification of "Anhydrous Denatured Ethanol" 16.07.2021 
242/2021  Additional circuits for 2nd, 5th & 6th BFNSM rakes of M/s TMIIL procured under SFTO  16.07.2021 
241/2021  Additional circuits for 1st ,3rd , 4th & 7th BFNS rakes of M/s TMIIL procured under SFTO  16.07.2021 
240/2021  Additional circuits for 03 BFNSM rakes of M/s TMIIL procured under SFTO  16.07.2021 
239/2021  Two originating Terminals(Covered wagons) 16.07.2021 
238/2021 Allowing BOXNHL25 T on 25T axle load routes when loaded with limestones 15.07.2021 
237/2021 Parcel traffic- Classification of trains in different rate scales for the purpose of Parcel and Luggage booking 14.07.2021 
236/2021  Two point combinations 13.07.2021 
235/2021  Traffic at the private siding of M/s Gopalpur port Ltd 09.07.2021 
234/2021  CC+8 routes 09.07.2021 
233/2021  Closure of SCM for Goods traffic09.07.2021 
232/2021 Traffic for the Private siding of M/s Hirakud Industrial Works  served by Sambalpur station 08.07.2021 
231/2021 Closure notification of BPVS,VZPF,VZPG,VZPW,VZPZ sidings under  Vishakhapatnam Port Trust 08.07.2021 
230/2021   Opening of Tapang (TAP) station for handling of inward traffic of Fly Ash 07.07.2021 
229/2021  Advance Booking of Parcel Space in SLRs VPs attached to Passenger Carrying Trains and Parcel Special Trains.  05.07.2021 
228/2021 Commercial notification of 53 BTAP wagons(2nd rake  of 02 rakes) and 01 Brake Van procured by M/s Utkal Alumina International Ltd under Liberized Wagon Investment Scheme(LWIS) 05.07.2021 
 227/2021 Routes of running 25 Tonne Axle load wagons - DFCCIL 02.07.2021 
226/2021 Inclusion of two authorized rail user at PFT of M/s Container Corporation of India (CCJS) 02.07.2021 
225/2021 Guidelines to facilitate working of "city Booking agencies" for parcel traffic 02.07.2021 
224/2021 Policy guidelines for freight concession in short lead traffic 30.06.2021 
223/2021 Rationalization of Rates for Parcel & Luggage traffic 30.06.2021 
222/2021 Change in circuit for 2nd BOXNHL rake of M/s TM International Logistics Ltd inducted under GPWIS  30.06.2021 
221/2021  Long Lead traffic 30.06.2021 
220/2021  All India Engine  Hour Cost for recovery of siding and shunting charges29.06.2021 
219/2021  Lift on Lift off at CRT 29.06.2021 
218/2021  Policy guidelines- Two point Combinations 29.06.2021 
217/2021  Inclusion of authorized rail user at Brownfield PFT of M/s Jindal Stainless Ltd 28.06.2021 
216/2021  Rationalization of rates for Parcel traffic 24.06.2021 
215/2021  Opening of KPXR station for cement traffic 24.06.2021 
214/2021  Levy of terminal charges on automobile traffic 24.06.2021 
213/2021  Commercial notification of 12th GPWIS rake of M/s Adani Logistics Ltd 23.06.2021 
212/2021 Amendment  No.8 to policy circular on Private siding 23.06.2021 
211/2021 Amendment to "Policy for Leasing of Parcel Cargo Express Train'-'Frequency of Service"-reg 22.06.2021 
210/2021 Separate Alpha & Numerical code for "Central Despatch Yard & Ore Tippler No. 4 & 5 of M/s RINL 22.06.2021 
209/2021 Transportation Product - Block rake/Mini rake/Two point combination etc.22.06.2021 
208/2021  Permissible Carrying Capacity(PCC) of wagons-Steel Pipes 21.06.2021 
207/2021 Premier Customer facility at CRPD siding24.06.2021 
206/2021 General guidelines for Advance Booking of Parcel Space in SLRs and VPs attached to Passenger Carrying Trains and Time-Tabled Parcel Special Trains 21.06.2021 
 205/2021Routes of running of 25 ton axle load wagons 16.06.2021 
204/2021 Extension of Rationaisation Scheme General Order No. 01/2014 15.06.2021 
203/2021 Closure of Donkinavalasa(DNV) and Singapuram Road(SPRD) stations over WAT division for Parcel & Luggage traffic 15.06.2021 
202/2021  Weighment of Parcel rakes on EIMWBs-reg 15.06.2021 
201/2021 Inclusion of authorised user for PFT M/s Aryan ispat & power Ltd (MAIL)   11.06.2021 
200/2021 Exclusion of 11 users and New list of authorised users of M/s Aryan Ispat & Power Ltd (MAIL) served by Lapanga 10.06.2021 
199/2021 Traffic at the private siding of M/s Gopalpur port Ltd served by Chatrapur 09.06.2021 
198/2021Inclusion of authorized users at PFT of M/s CONCOR (CCJS) 09.06.2021 
197/2021 Change of name of authorised users of PFT M/s Aryan ispat & power Ltd (MAIL)  09.06.2021 
196/2021JPO on levy of Engine Hire Charge under EOL working of Pvt. Sdg. / Terminal 07.06.2021 
195/2021Notification of VSPV siding under VPT charging of freight on through distance basis 03.06.2021
194/2021 Categorization of train services for charging of Parcel and Luggage 01.06.2021 
193/2021 Inclusion of one authorized  rail user at Greenfield PFT of  M/s CONCOR (CCJS) 01.06.2021 
192/2021 Minimum composition of Indented Parcel trains 31.05.2021 
191/2021 Premier customer list  28.05.2021 
190/2021 Rationalization of Rates structure for booking of Parcel & Luggage traffic  28.05.2021 
189/2021 Running of freight trains on CC+8 routes 28.05.2021 
188/2021 Debit/Credit system in Private siding - clarifications 27.05.2021 
187/2021 Authorised users of Brownfield PFT M/s IREL (India) Ltd 27.05.2021 
186/2021 change in numerical code of kerejanga station and its siding 27.05.2021 
185/2021 Guidelines regarding Premium Indent Scheme 26.05.2021 
184/2021 Transportation products- Mini Rake, Block Rake, Two point Combinations etc  25.05.2021 
183/2021 Routes for running  of 25 T axle load wagons 25.05.2021 
182/2021 Notification regarding removal of restrictions on parcel traffic over MB/Division 25.05.2021 
181/2021 Closure of Chatrapur(CAP),Ichchapuram(IPM),Sompeta(SPT),Dhenkanal(DNKL)&Angul(ANGL)stations over KUR division for parcel and luggage traffic 25.05.2021 
180/2021 Inclusion of authorized users  for the PFT of M/s Aryan Ispat & Power Pvt. Ltd 20.05.2021 
179/2021 Running of freight trains on CC+8 routes  19.05.2021 
178/2021 Inflation in distance for charging freight  in Bansapani-Tomka section 17.05.2021 
177/2021 Guidelines regarding Premium Indent  13.05.2021 
176/2021 Movement of LMO in container 13.05.2021 
175/2021 Liberalized Automatic Freight Rebate scheme for traffic loaded in TEFD 13.05.2021 
174/2021Running of freight trains on CC+8 routes 13.05.2021 
173/2021 Policy guidelines- two point combinations
172/2021 Notification of 11th rake of BOXNHL wagons of M/s Adani Logistics Ltd under GPWIS 12.05.2021 
171/2021 Movement of Oxygen Generation Plant in containers by Container Train Operators (CTOs) 12.05.2021 
 170/2021Opening of Hindol Road (HND) station for outward traffic of Coal Tar 11.05.2021 
 169/2021Commercial notification of 13th BOXNHL rake of M/s TM International Logistics Ltd under GPWIS 11.05.2021 
168/2021 Corrigendum in Revised  Haulage Charges for Postal Traffic for 2019-2007.05.2021 
167/2021 Partial rebooking of Liquid Medical Oxygen(LMO) rake 07.05.2021 
166/2021  Guidelines ragarding weighment of Parcel Traffic-loaded in SLRs,VPs,PECTs etc. 06.05.2021 
165/2021 Running of Freight trains on CC+8 routes 06.05.2021 
164/2021 Inclusion of authorized users for the PFT of M/s Aryan Ispat   and Power Pvt Ltd. served by Lapanga station05.05.2021 
163/2021 Inclusion of authorized rail users at Greenfield PFT of Container Corporation of India Ltd(CCJS) 04.05.2021 
162/2021 Haulage charge for movement of Liquid Medical Oxygen in Container Train  Operator (CTOs)03.05.2021 
161/2021 Issue of RR after weighment of consignment at weighbridges 30.04.2021 
160/2021  Online Payment System for Freight charges-Guidelines 30.04.2021 
159/2021 Opening of Handapa station for handling of outward traffic of Coal Tar. 30.04.2021 
 158/2021Closure of Ichchapuram (IPM),Sompeta (SPT),Dhenkanal (DNKL) and Angul (ANGL) stations over KUR division for parcel traffic. 30.04.2021 
157/2021 Operation of Merry -Go-Round (MGR) System by Railways.  29.04.2021
156/2021 Electronic Transmission of Railway Receipts (eT-RR) 28/29.04.21 
155/2021 Discount on Haulage charge for movement of container traffic.  28/29.04.21
154/2021 Traffic to the Lingaraj SILO siding of M/s MCL at Talcher.  28.04.2021
153/2021 Permissible carrying Capacity (PCC) etc of BOBRNHSM2 wagons.  27.04.2021
152/2021 Rates for automobile traffic when carried on NMG, BCCNR, BCACM wagons  27.04.2021 
151/2021 Haulage charge for movement of Liquid Medical Oxygen in Containers by Container Train Operators. 26.04.2021 
150/2021 Inclusion of authorized users for the PFT of M/s Aryan Ispat and Power Pvt.Ltd. 26.04.2021 
149/2021  Inclusion of authorized rail user at Brownfield PFT of M/s Jindal Stainless Ltd(JSLS). 23.04.2021 
148/2021 Commercial notification of 34 BTPGLN wagons (one rake) with 02 Brake Vans procured by M/s Hindustan Petroleum Corporation Ltd.(M/s HPCL) under Liberalized Wagon Investment Scheme (LWIS). 23.04.2021 
147/2021 Freight Advance in case of movement of liquid Medical oxygen.  21.04.2021
146/2021 Transportation of Liquid Medical Oxygen on Cryogenic tankers by Rail. (Corrigendum )  20.04.2021
145/2021 Transportation of Liquid Medical Oxygen on Cryogenic tankers by Rail.  19.04.2021
144/2021 Applicability of GST under forward charge and reverse charge on outward supply of services.  16.04.2021
143/2021 Utilization of left over capacity in rake - Concession.  16.04.2021
142/2021 Permissible Carrying Capacity (PCC) OF Wagons for loading of Pet Coke. 16.04.2021
141/2021 Permissible Carrying Capacity (PCC) of Wagons -Steel Pipes. 15.04.2021 
140/2021  Extension of notification of Lapanga (LPG) Goods shed for handling of Outward & Inward traffic beyond 31.03.202112.04.2021 
139/2021 Commissioning of Private Siding of M/s Gopalpur Ports Limited served by Chatrapur on Temporary basis.  12.04.2021
138/2021 Restriction on Parcel booking during Kumbh Mela-2021 for the month of April. 09.04.2021 
137/2021  Opening of Dhanmandal (DNM) station for handing of Iron Ore Pellets. 08.04.2021 
136/2021 Commercial Notification of 61 BFNSM 22.9 Ton type wagons (7th BFNSM rake) and 01 Brake Van procured by M/s TM International Logistics Ltd under Special Freight Train Operator (SFTO) Scheme. 06.04.2021 
135/2021 Charging of JCB.  05.04.2021
134/2021 Rates for automobile traffic when carried on NMG, BCCNR, BCACM wagons.  01.4.2021
133/2021 Amendment to turnover threshold for e-invoicing under GST. 31.03.2021 
 132/2021Preferential Traffic Order GO No.95 31.03.2021 
131/2021 Liberalized Automatic Freight Rebate Scheme for traffic loaded in Traditional Empty Flow Direction (TEFD) .31.03.2021 
130/2021  Movement of "Talc Powder" (Restricted Commodities ) in containers.31.03.2021 
129/2021  Permission to Container Train Operators (CTOs) to access. 31.03.2021 
128/2021 Operation of Container trains by Private Container Operator (PCO) in railway owned Terminals.  31.03.2021
127/2021 Inter Station Distance between New Palanpur to Karjoda(IR) .31.03.2021 
126/2021 Inter Station Distances between New Bhaupur to New Khurja on EDFC 31.03.2021 
125/2021 Classification of "Thermo Mechanical Treated(TMT) Bars". 31.03.2021 
124/2021 Haulage Charge on Roundtrip basis for transportation of container traffic 31.03.2021 
123/2021 Action points for GST compliances from 01st  April 2021 30.03.2021 
122/2021 Revision of rates of Miscellaneous Charges. 26.03.2021 
 121/2021Traffic at Deep Draught Iron Ore and coal berths of M/s PPT  26.03.2021 
120/2021  IRCA Goods Tariff No.49,Part.I (Vol.II) and Part.II -Revision26.03.2021 
119/2021 List of Permitted Commodities for the private siding of M/s Mideast Integrated Steels Limited served by Sukinda Road station. 24.03.2021 
118/2021 Permission for additional circuits for 03 rakes of BFNS wagons (with 22.9 ton axle load ) of M/s TM International Logistics Ltd under Special Freight Train Operator (SFTO) Scheme. 24.03.2021 
117/2021 Exemption from payment of stabling charges for rakes procured under LWIS,SFTO & GPWIS Schemes. 23.03.2021 
116/2021 Restriction on parcel booking during Kumbh Mela -2021  23.03.2021
115/2021  Notification for Round the clock working of Moadabad goods shed at Moradabad over Moradabad division. 23.03.2021 
114/2021  Re-booking/diversion of traffic-force majeure .23.03.2021 
113/2021 Transportation Product- Standard rake size- BAFRDA .22.03.2021 
112/2021 Notification for opening of new Makkhanpur,New Daudkhan stations and New Khurja Station for booking and handling of Block Rake.  19.03.2021
111/2021  Closure of stations for parcel traffic.  19.03.2021
110/2021 Traffic to the private siding of M/s National Mineral Develpment Corporation Limited,Amagura.  19.03.2021
109/2021 Traffic for the private siding of M/s Tata Steel Limited/JKPR. 19.03.2021 
108/2021 Incentive Scheme for freight forwarders.  18.03.2021 
107/2021 Action points for GST compliance -31st  March 2021.  17.03.2021
 106/2021 Commercial notification of 10th rake of BOXNHL wagons (60 wagons including 02 spare wagons ) and 01 B/Van of M/s Adani Logistics Limited under GPWIS.  16.03.2021
105/2021  Inclusion of authorized Users for the Brownfield PFT of M/s IREL (India) Limited (IREL). 15.03.2021 
104/2021 Operation of BOXNHL wagons, procured under GPWIS with 25 T axle load. 15.03.2021 
103/2021 Free time for loading of bagged consignment in open Wagons in the case of freight terminals/ sidings/ goods sheds/steel pants work on Engine- on -Load basis.  15.03.2021
102/2021 Traffic for the private siding of M/s Hirakud Industrial Works served by Sambalpur. 15.03.2021 
101/2021 Commercial notification of 61 BFNSM 22.9 Ton type wagons (6th BFNSM rake ) and 01 Brake Van procured by M/s TM international Logistics Ltd under SFTO Scheme.  15.03.2021
100/2021 Free time for loading of rakes of Coal and Iron ore. 15.03.2021 
 99/2021Running of freight trains on CC +8 routes.  12.03.2021
98/2021 e-RD & e-TRR  12.03.2021
97/2021  Commissioning of Spur-10 in the Balaram private siding of M/s MCL/Talcher. 12.03.2021 
96/2021  Reduced PCC of wagons for loading of Paddy. 12.03.2021 
95/2021  Hiring cum Haulage charges for Test Wagons to examine accuracy of weighbridges. 12.03.2021 
94/2021  Rates of Terminal charges to be collected by Port Trust Railways directly from customers. 12.03.2021 
 93/2021 Reduced PCC of wagons for loading of Paddy.  10.03.2021
92/2021  Routes of running of 25 Tonne Axle Load wagons.  10.03.2021
91/2021 Applicable Scales of for charging of parcel in festival specials. 10.03.2021 
90/2021 Utilization of NMG rakes for loading Parcel Traffic10.03.2021
89/2021Revised Haulage Charges for postal traffic for 2019-20. 10.03.2021 
88/2021 Commercial Notification of 5 spare wagons against 2 BOXNHL rakes (7th & 8th rakes) of M/s Adani Logistics Limited inducted under GPWIS. 10.03.2021 
87/2021 Running of freight trains on CC +8 routes. 09.03.2021 
86/2021  Two originating-points loading for Automobile traffic (other than that loaded in rakes owned by AFTO and DBKMs)09.03.2021 
85/2021  Inclusion of authorized users for the PFT of M/s Aryan Ispat and Power Pvt.Ltd. served by Lapanga station. 08.03.2021
84/2021 Issue of RR after weighment of consignment of weighbridge.  08.03.2021
83/2021 Change in circuits for the 10th BOXNHL rake of M/s TM international Logistics Limited inducted under GPWIS.  08.03.2021
82/2021 Running of freight trains on 25 Tonne Axle Load Routes. 08.03.2021 
81/2021  Two originating points loading for Automobile Traffic (other than that loaded in rakes owned by AFTO and DBKMs). 05.03.2021
80/2021 Inclusion of M/s Rashtriya Chemicals and Fertilizers Limited as authorized rail user of the PFT of M/s Paradip International Cargo Terminal Pvt.Ltd. 05.03.2021 
79/2021 Adjustment in Base Freight Rates- Classification of Commodities. 03.03.2021 
78/2021  Routes of running of 25 Tonne Axle load wagons. 03.03.2021
77/2021 Electronic payment system -Payment of ancillary charges 02.03.2021 
76/2021 Traffic to the Private Freight Terminal (PFT) of M/s IREL (India) Limited served by Chatrapur Station. 02.03.2021 
75/2021 Rate of Stabling charge. 02.03.2021 
74/2021 Charging of traffic for the Private siding of Lingaraj Spur siding No.3 of MCL served by Talcher Station.  01.03.2021
73/2021 Premium Indent -revision in the rate of Premium.  01.03.2021
72/2021 Running of freight trains on CC+8 routes. 26.02.2021 
71/2021 Notification of revised eleven digit numbers of 03 nos of Privately owned rakes (160 BTAPHP wagons) of M/s BALCO  26.02.2021
70/2021 Running of freight trains on CC +8 routes.  26.02.2021
69/2021 Clarification regarding applicability of 8% discount on Base Freight Rate for indented Parcel train to Bangladesh.  26.02.2021
68/2021 Temporary closure of Hirakud (HKG) station for goods traffic.  26.02.2021
67/2021 Inclusion of authorized users for the Brownfield PFT of M/s IREL (India) Limited (IREL) 25.02.2021 
66/2021 Closing of Stations/ Goods sheds for Goods traffic.  23.02.2021
65/2021 Chargeable distance for the Private siding of M/s Jindal Steel and Power Limited at Kerejanga.  23.02.2021
64/2021 Opening of Parcel traffic for outwards and inwards at TALAGUPPA(TLGP) Railway station.  23.02.2021
63/2021  Designed Tare Weight of BOXNHL 25 T wagon.  22.02.2021
62/2021  Policy Guidelines for Concession in Freight Charges for Long Lead Traffic for Limestone (All types) 22.02.2021 
61/2021  Revision of loading/unloading points (Close circuits) of 04 BTAP rakes of M/s Vedanta Limited under Liberalized Wagon Investment Scheme (LWIS) -Reg19.02.2021 
60/2021 Corrigendum to Commercial Circular No.57(G)/2021 dt.18.02.2021 for inclusion of authorized users for the Brownfield PFT of M/s IREL (India) Limited (IREL) 19.02.2021 
59/2021  Running of freight trains on 25 Tonne Axle Load Routes.19.02.2021 
 58/2021Permitted commodities for the private siding of M/s Vedanta Ltd.(SEBD) 17.02.2021 
57/2021 Inclusion of authorized Users for the Brownfield PFT of M/s IREL (India) Limited (IREL). 18.02.2021 
56/2021 Rationalization Scheme General Order No.01/2014 - Amendment No.20  17.02.2021
 55/2021 Classification of Petroleum Coke- Segregation from Main commodity Head "Coal and Coke". 16.02.2021
54/2021 Closure of Chatrapur (CAP) station for Parcel traffic. 16.02.2021 
53/2021 Running of Freight trains on 25 Tonne Axle Load Routes.  15.02.2021
52/2021 Classification of "Water for Industrial Use" 15.02.2021 
51/2021 Congestion Surcharge on Goods Traffic Originating from Ports. 15.02.2021 
50/2021  Running of Freight trains n 25 Tonne Axle Load Routes12.02.2021 
 49/2021Notified station  12.02.2021
48/2021 Policy on Programming of Iron ore Traffic. 11.02.2021 
47/2021 Opening of Naranpur (NANR) station for Goods traffic. 10.02.2021 
46/2021 Debit/Credit system in case of Private sidings - Clarification.  10.02.2021
45/2021 Corrigendum No.04 to PCCM/ECoR's Commercial Circular No.347(G)/2020 09.02.2021 
44/2021 Wagon Registration fee in case of Iron ore/Pellets  05.02.2021
 43/2021Classification of 'Iron ore Rejects"  05.02.2021
42/2021 Running of freight trains on 25 Tonne Axle Load Routes.  03.02.2021
41/2021 Discount scheme for bulk booking of Parcel Space in advance. 03.02.2021 
40/2021 Running of freight trains on CC +8 routes.  02.02.2021
39/2021 Generation of Money Receipt through system (TMS/FOIS)  02.02.2021
38/2021 Correction of wagon number of one BTAP wagon of M/s NALCO under LWIS-Reg 01.02.2021 
37/2021 Policy on Programming of Iron ore traffic. 29.01.2021 
36/2021 Corrigendum-2 to PCCM/ECoR's Commercial Circular No.347(G)/2020 28.01.2021 
35/2021 Running of freight trains on CC+8 routes 25.01.2021 
34/2021 Infringement Charges for movement of Over Dimensional Consignments (ODC) over DFCCIL networks. 25.01.2021 
33/2021 Debit/Credit system in case of private sidings-Clarification 25.01.2021
32/2021 Policy Guidelines- Two Point Combination.  22.01.2021
31/2021 Grant of 50% subsidy to KISAN Rail. 21.01.2021 
30/2021 Running of freight trains on CC+8 routes. 21.01.2021 
29/2021Commercial notification for change of circuits for 3 BOXNHL rakes of M/s Rungta Mines Limited inducted under GPWIS. 20.01.2021 
28/2021 Routes of running of 25 Tonne Axle load wagons.  20.01.2021
27/2021 Policy Guidelines -Two Point Combination 19.01.2021 
26/2021 Classification of Talc Powder in the Goods tariff No.49 Pt.I,Vol-II 19.01.2021 
25/2021 Development of Goods-sheds at small/road -side stations through private investment -Amendment in Para 2.2 (a).19.01.2021 
24/2021 Amendment No.7 to the policy circular on Private sidings :Freight Marketing Circular No.11 of 2016 19.01.2021 
 23/2021Operation of rakes of BCACBM wagons under Automobile Freight Train Operator (AFTO) scheme.  19.01.2021
22/2021 Commercial notification for change of circuits and induction of 9 spare wagons against 3 BOXNHL rakes of M/s Rungta Mines Limited inducted under GPWIS. 18.01.2021 
21/2021 Movement of newly manufactured wagons- Problem in RR generation.  15.01.2021
20/2021  Ro-Ro services between New Paianpur- New Rewari Stations over DFCCIL15.01.2021 
19/2021 Notification of 3rd Rake of JSPK under SFTO  15.01.2021 
18/2021 Restriction of Parcel traffic over Delhi area  15.01.2021
17/2021 Running of Freight trains on CC+8 routes  15.01.2021 
16/2021 Routes of running of 25 Tonne Axle load wagons 15.01.2021 
 15/2021Permitted commodities for the private siding of M/s Tata Steel BSL Limited ,Meramandali 12.01.2021 
14/2021 Issue of GST compliant E-Invoice from 01.10.2020 12.01.2021 
13/2021 Inclusion of M/s JSW Ispat Special Products Limited as authorized rail user of the PFT of M/s Paradeep International Cargo Terminal Pvt.Ltd 12.01.2021 
12/2021 Permitted commodities list for the Private siding of M/s Utkal Alumina International Limited served by Tikiri station over WAT Division.  11.01.2021
 11/2021Guidelines regarding Demurrage and Wharfage - power to enhance free time for Alternate Goods shed  11.01.2021
10/2021Opening of new section New Saradhana to New Palanpur on WDFC and Inter station Distances. 08.01.2021 
09/2021 Restriction on parcel booking during Kumbh Mela -2021.  08.01.2021
08/2021 Haulage Charge for movement of Cube Containers. 08.01.2021 
07/2021  Traffic to the Private siding of Ramco Cements Limited,Haridaspur.07.01.2021
06/2021  Inter station distances for DECCIL07.01.2021
 05/2021Routes of running of 25 Tonne Axle load wagon.  07.01.2021
  04/2021 Corrigendum to PCCM/ECoR's Commercial Circular No.382(G)/2020 07.01.2021
 03/2021Corrigendum to Commercial Circular No. 347(G)/2020 (Correction of wagon number of 01 BTAP wagon of M/s NALCO under LWIS)04.01.2021 
 02/2021Guidelines regarding DC & WC - Round the Clock working04.01.2021 
01/2021Notification for additional circuit for two rakes of modified BRN wagons of M/s JSPL under SFTO01.01.2021 

Source : CMS Team Last Reviewed : 18-08-2022  

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