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Circular No.                           Subject                                    


80/2024   28.02.2024  
79/2024  Issue of RR after weighment 28.02.2024  
78/2024   28.02.2024  
77/2024  Freetime & allowance in case of seven old steel plants 27.02.2024  
76/2024  Acceptance of weight provided by static weighbridge 27.02.2024  
75/2024  Notification of 5th GPWIS rake of M/s Narbheram power 27.02.2024  
74/2024  Counting of containers for classification of railway premises 26.02.2024  
73/2024  classification of railway premises(goods shed, stations) 26.02.2024  
72/2024  Parcel traffic- modification in FM Circular No.12 of 2018 23.02.2024  
71/2024 Traffic for the private siding of M/s Tata steel ltd at JKPR 22.02.2024 
70/2024 Generation of RR for empty haulage of privately owned wagon 22.02.2024  
69/2024 Notification of 2nd GPWIS rakes of M/s Gallant Ispat ltd 22.02.2024  
68/2024 Notification of 25th GPWIS rakes of M/sTM international ltd 22.02.2024  
67/2024 Revision of rates for miscellaneous charges 21.02.2024  
66/2024 Additional time for cleaning of Tank wagons in private siding  21.02.2024  
65/2024 Classification of  "LD& GCP sludge"21.02.2024 
64/2024  O-D pairs for 8 LSFTO rakes of M/s Jindal steel & power ltd21.02.2024 
63/2024  O-D pairs for 4 LSFTO rakes of M/s Jindal steel & power ltd 21.02.2024 
62/2024  Notification of 24th  GPWIS rakes of M/s Rungta Sons  21.02.2024 
61/2024  Notification of 4th GPWIS rake of M/s Narbheram power  21.02.2024 
60/2024 loading of bagged consignment in open & flat wagons 20.02.2024 
59/2024 Routes for running of  25T axle wagon 20.02.2024 
58/2024 permission for 4 rakes of M/s MSPL under own your wagon 20.02.2024 
57/2024Permitted commodities for GCCP terminals 19.02.2024 
56/2024 Cargo aggregater transportation product 19.02.2024 
55/2024 Conversion of 118 GPWIS wagons of M/s TM international  15.02.2024 
54/2024 Corrigendum to CC No.237(G)/2023 15.02.2024 
53/2024 Notification of 23rd  GPWIS rakes of M/s Rungta Sons 15.02.2024 
52/2024 Amendment No.1 to GCT policy-2022 13.02.2024 
51/2024 Notification of 3rd GPWIS rake of M/s Narbheram power 13.02.2024 
50/2024 Modified circuit of 4 GPWIS rakes of M/s Shyam metalics12.02.2024 
49/2024Notified Stations 12.02.2024  
48/2024 Authorised user for 4 GPWIS rakes of M/s Adani Logistic  12.02.2024  
47/2024 Congestion surcharge on Goods traffic originating from ports 09.02.2024  
46/2024 Authorised user for 2 GPWIS rakes of M/s Narbheram power  08.02.2024  
45/2024 Classification of " Polyhalite" 08.02.2024  
44/2024 Charging of Truck Mixture08.02.2024 
43/2024 Operation of BCACBM rakes under AFTO scheme 07.02.2024 
42/2024 Notification of 33rd GPWIS rakes of M/s Adani logistics ltd   07.02.2024 
41/2024 system of billing for parcel traffic 07.02.2024 
40/2024 Exemption from  weighment of container import traffic 06.02.2024 
39/2024 Freight rate for revised JPP- rapid cargo service 06.02.2024 
38/2024 Routes for running of  25T axle wagon02.02.2024 
37/2024 Inclusion of authorised user in PFT of M/s IREL  02.02.2024 
36/2024 Stabling charges 01.02.2024 
35/2024 Notification of 10th GPWIS rakes of M/s Jindal steel & power ltd01.02.2024 
34/2024 Free time for loading of rakes of coal & iron ore 31.01.2024 
33/2024 Inclusion of authorised user in PFT of M/s Aryan Ispat & power 31.01.2024 
32/2024 Notification of 5th GPWIS rakes of M/s Shyam metalics 30.01.2024 
31/2024 Transportation and charging of "track machine"  25.01.2024 
30/2024 Reckoning of free time for removal of consignment  25.01.2024 
29/2024 Joint Parcel product- Rapid Cargo service 25.01.2024 
28/2024 Inclusion of authorised user in PFT of M/s IREL 24.01.2024 
27/2024 Notification of 22th GPWIS rakes of M/s Rungta Sons  24.01.2024 
26/2024 Notification of 2nd of 22 LSFTO rake of M/s Jindal steel &power 24.01.2024  
25/2024 Modified circuit of 9 GPWIS rakes of M/s Jindal steel & power23.01.2024 
24/2024  Opening of HKG station for outward  iron ore fines traffic23.01.2024 
23/2024 Stacking of inward consignments at category III terminals 19.01.2024 
22/2024 Inclusion of authorised user in PFT of M/s IREL  19.01.2024 
21/2024 Notification of 32th GPWIS rakes of M/s Adani logistics ltd 19.01.2024 
20/2024 Authorised user for 1 GPWIS rakes of M/s Crackers india18.01.2024 
19/2024 Notification of 21th GPWIS rakes of M/s Rungta Sons 18.01.2024 
18/2024  Notification of 20th GPWIS rakes of M/s Rungta Sons 18.01.2024 
17/2024  Rate for automobile traffic carried in BCACM wagons 17.01.2024 
16/2024  AFTO scheme 17.01.2024 
15/2024  Extension of notification of opening of Gunupur for parcel traffic 17.01.2024 
14/2024  Running of freight trains on CC+8 route  16.01.2024 
13/2024  Penalty for false declaration12.01.2024 
12/2024  Additional loading point for 2 BTAP LSFTO rakes of M/s BALCO 12.01.2024 
11/2024  Notification of 19th GPWIS rakes of M/s Rungta Sons 11.01.2024 
10/2024 Rebate in traffic booked in NMG rakes  in TEFD  09.01.2024 
09/2024 Running of freight trains on CC+8 route 09.01.2024 
08/2024 Restriction of parcel traffic over Delhi  on eve of Republic day  05.01.2024 
07/2024 Notification of 18th GPWIS rakes of M/s Rungta Sons05.01.2024 
06/2024 Notification of 24th GPWIS rakes of M/sTM international ltd04.01.2024 
05/2024 Notification of 4th of 6 LSFTO rake of M/sTM international ltd 04.01.2024 
04/2024 Authorised user for 2 GPWIS rakes of M/s Adani Logistic 03.01.2024 
03/2024 Change in  circuit of 15 GPWIS rakes of M/s Rungta Sons 03.01.2024 
02/2024 Modified circuit of 2 GPWIS rakes of M/s Rungta Mines Ltd02.01.2024 
01/2024 Notification of 31th GPWIS rakes of M/s Adani logistics ltd  01.01.2024 

Source : East Coast Railway CMS Team Last Reviewed : 28-02-2024  

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