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 Estt.Serial No. RBE No. Subject  Date
 93/2022 69/2022 Clarification on Coverage under Old Pension Scheme (OPS) in terms of Railway Board's letter dated-03.03.2020 -regarding 17.06.2022
 92/2022 68/2022 Revision of rate of Variable Dearness Allowance for Contract Workers engaged in various employment/activities w.e.f 01.04.2022. 16.06.2022
 91/2022 67/2022 One way Request Transfer on Out-of-Turn basis. 16.06.2022
 90/2022 66/2022 Filling up of the vacancies in the category of Traffic Assistant in level-4 in Traffic department/Metro Railway/Kolkata against 20 % Departmental Promotion Quota. 16.06.2022
 89/2022 65/2022 Filling up non-gazetted posts on Railways- Classification of posts as Safety categories in the Departments of Civil, Electrical ,Mechanical , S&tT and Traffic Transportation (Operating Deptt.) 16.06.2022
 88/2022 64/2022Clarification regarding Continuance of Widow Pass (WP) facility after demise of the Railway Servant and his/her spouse. 16.06.2022
 87/2022 63/2022 Filling up the Vacancies of Station Master (SM) through General Selection and Limited Departmental Competitive Examination (LDCE) 03.06.2022
 86/2022 62/2022Timely filling up of vacancies by promotion (Selection/ Non-selection)/Trade Test/Limited Departmental Competitive Examination (LDCE)/General Departmental Competitive Examination (GDCE). 02.06.2022
 85/2022 61/2022Age relaxation to serving SC & ST categories employees in Level-1 (erstwhile Group 'D') for filling up 40% induction quota in Mechanical Workshop. 02.06.2022
 84/2022 60/2022Continuation of permission for Retention of Railway accommodation at previous place of posting prior to becoming General Manager, in favour of Board Members/CRB & CEO, Railway Board. 01.06.2022
 83/2022 NonRBEUse of appropriate terms for 'Person with Disability' and 'Divyangjan' in the communication/signage/  announcement/Booking Portal of Indian Railways. 30.05.2022
 82/2022 59/2022Selection for promotion from Group 'C' to Group 'B' and within Group 'C' post-introduction of 100% objective type Multiple Choice Questions- Clarifications. 30.05.2022
 81/2022 NonRBEChain of acceptance of APARs of Group 'C' staff of a Division. 26.05.2022
 80/2022 58/2022Provision for extending benefits under CCS (Pension) Rules & CCS (EOP) Rules to family of missing Central Government employees covered under NPS-reg. 23.05.2022
 79/2022 57/2022Engagement of Ex-Servicemen against vacancies in Safety categories of Bridge Organisation, Track-Machine Organisation and other similar safety categories on contract basis. 23.05.2022
 78/2022 56/2022Rate of Dearness Allowance applicable w.e.f. 01.07.2021 and 01.01.2022 to those Railway employees who continue to draw their pay in the pre-revised Pay Scale/Grade Pay as per 6th CPC. 23.05.2022
 77/2022 55/2022Retention of Railway accommodation by Railway officers/staffs on their deputation to DFCCIL. 23.05.2022
 76/2022 NonRBEBoard's Letter No. 2012 E(GC)13-2(67) dated 12.06.2019 and E(GP)2019/9/2/14 dated 21.10.2019. (Recruitment/Transfer Rules for the Prosecution Cadre). 02.05.2022
 75/2022 NonRBEEncouraging enrollment under Pradhan Mantri Shram Yogi Maan Dhan (PM-SYM) & Pradhan Mantri Jeevan Jyoti Bima Yojna (PMJJBY). 29.04.2022
 74/2022 NonRBEProposal for amendment in the item at Sr.No. 44 of MSOP, Part-A for Emergency Execution of Service Contract. 29.04.2022
 73/2022 NonRBEExtension of date of Finalization of e-APAR of 2020-21 through HRMS-reg. 29.04.2022
 72/2022 50/2022Amendments in the norms of minimum qualifications for recruitment/promotion of teachers for classes I to VII in Railway Schools (Primary and Trained Graduate Teachers). 29.04.2022
 71/2022 52/2022Clarification regarding candidate possessing Post Graduate Diploma in Human Resource Management for appointment for the post of Staff & Welfare inspector on Compassionate Grounds. 29.04.2022
 70/2022 51/2022Direct Recruitment of course completed Act Apprentices (CCAAs) trained in Railway establishment in Level-1 (7th CPC pay matrix) posts- Procedure reg. 29.04.2022
 69/2022 54/2022Redistribution of Non-Gazetted posts. 20.04.2022
 68/2021 53/2022Reservation in promotions- procedure to be followed prior to effecting reservations in the manner of promotions. 20.04.2022
 67/2022 NonRBETimeline for recording of APAR for the reporting year 2021-22- reg. 20.04.2022
 66/2022 NonRBEProvision of Trolley bags to Loco Pilots and Guards. 20.04.2022
 65/2022 45/2022Clarification regarding instructions on exemption from posting the typewriting in respect to Clerk-cum-Typist. 20.04.2022
 64/2022 49/2022Grant of Dearness Relief to Railway Pensioners/Family Pensioners- revised rates effective from 01.01.2022. 19.04.2022
 63/2022 44/2022List of Holiday Homes in Indian Railways-Clarification reg. 19.04.2022
 62/2022 48/2022Reiteration of salient points regarding Strengthening of administration by periodic review under Rule 1802(a)/ 1803(a)/1804(a)- R.II, 1987 Edition. 12.04.2022
 61/2022 47/2022Strengthening of administration by periodic review under Rule 1802(a)/1803(a)/1804(a)- R.II, 1987 Edition. 12.04.2022
 60/2022 NonRBESubmission of disciplinary cases of Non-Gazetted Railway Servants- reintroduction of Single Window System in Railway Board office. 12.04.2022
 59/2022 46/2022Interest Rate on House Building Advance (HBA) for Railway employees. 11.04.2022
 58/2022 43/2022Inclusion of 'Supply Chain Management Association, Canada' in the list of recognized institutions. 11.04.2022
 57/2022 42/2022Payment of honorarium to the stenos engaged by the Arbitrators for the work relating to Arbitration/Arbitration award. 11.04.2022
 56/2022 NonRBELiaison Officer for Ex-servicemen. 07.04.2022
 55/2022 NonRBEDeclaration of Holiday on 14th April, 2022- Birthday of Dr. B.R.Ambedkar. 07.04.2022
 54/2022 40/2022Grant of Dearness Allowance to Railway employees- Revised Rates effective from 01.01.2022. 05.04.2022
 53/2022 NonRBEAppointment on Compassionate Grounds- cases of married/divorcee/widowed daughter. 05.04.2022
 52/2022 41/2022Retention of Railway accommodation at the previous place of posting in case of General Manager of Zonal Railways and Production Units. 05.04.2022
 51/2022 39/2022Awarding of Marks in APARs in Selections/LDCEs held for Promotion from Group 'C' to Group 'B' Posts.  05.04.2022
 50/2022 38/2022Determination of pay/Emoluments for calculation of family pension and death gratuity where a Government servant dies during currency of a penalty-regarding. 05.04.2022
 49/2022 37/2022Authority competent for cancelling CBT in Selection/LDCE/GDCE etc., when panel have not been formed. 05.04.2022
 48/2022 36/2022Procedure for filling up of Ex-cadre Group 'B' post of Protocol Officer. 05.04.2022
 47/2022 33/2022Non-Payment/Delay in payment of retirement benefits on account of delay in verification of Caste Certificate in respect of retiring employees-regarding. 30.03.2022
 46/2022 NonRBERS(RP) Rules, 2008- Anomaly in pay fixation of Nursing Sisters (now desgn. as Sr. Nursing Suptd.) vis-a-vis Staff Nurse (now desgn. as Nursing Suptd.) working in Indian railways. 29.03.2022
 45/2022 34/2022Comprehensive Transfer Policy- Eligibility Service Condition for Non-Gazetted Employees on Inter Railway Request Transfer (IRRT). 29.03.2022
 44/2022 30/2022Replacement of RRC papers on account of Non-joining/resignation/demise of candidates. 25.03.2022
 43/2022 32/2022Payment of Family Pension, Death Gratuity and other dues to the family on death of a Railway Servant during Service- regarding.  22.03.2022
 42/2022 31/2022Revision of Designations of Cipher Staff over Indian Railways.  22.03.2022
 41/2022 NonRBEExtension of date of Finalization of e-APAR of 2020-21 through HRMS-reg. 21.03.2022
 40/2022 NonRBEAcquiring minimum Educational Qualification for regular posting in erstwhile Group-D, Level-1 (erstwhile GP-1800/-) of Trainee in - 1S pay band (6th CPC) appointment on Compassionate ground- Policy guidelines. 21.03.2022
 39/2022 29/2022Filling up of promotional vacancies in Loco Running Cadre and merger of Cadre/Seniority of Loco Pilots (Elect/Mech.) 21.03.2022
 38/2022 28/2022Comprehensive Transfer Policy- Eligibility Service Condition for Non-Gazetted Employees on Inter Railway Request Transfer (IRRT). 21.03.2022
 37/2022 27/2022Concession to person re-employed in Central Government Service- Payment of Travelling Allowance. 21.03.2022
 36/2022 24/2022Filling-up of the post of Technical Supervisors (JE/SSE) in USFD wing in the Civil Engineering Department- Clarification. 21.03.2022
 35/2022 23/2022Re-engagement of retired State Government officials in exigencies of services in projects where land acquisition is involved. 09.03.2022
 34/2022 21/2022Engagement of staff against posts of SSE/JEs on contract basis. 09.03.2022
 33/2022 26/2022Central Government Employees Group Insurance Scheme, 1980- Tables of benefits for the savings fund for the period from 01.01.2022 to 31.03.2022. 08.03.2022
 32/2022 25/2022Modification of instructions regarding Air travel on Government Account. 08.03.2022
 31/2022 NonRBENotification of India Railway Management Service Rules, 2022. 07.03.2022
 30/2022 RBA- 14/2022ACS No. 54 A-I - Authorization of Private Sector Banks for disbursement of Railway Pension. 07.03.2022
 29/2022 22/2022Exits and withdrawals under the National Pension System- regarding. 02.03.2022
 28/2022 20/2022Introduction of 100% Objective type Multiple Choice Questions in the written examinations held as part of Selection and Pre-qualifying examination (PE) in LDCE for promotion from Gr. C to Gr. B. 22.02.2022
 27/2022 19/2022Engagement of staff against posts of SSEs/JEs (Works) in Construction organisation by engagement on contract basis. 22.02.2022
 26/2022 NonRBESharing of information regarding favourable judgement (Pay Protection Matter). 22.02.2022
 25/2022 NonRBERetention of Railway Quarters at previous place of posting. 22.02.2022
 24/2021 NonRBEAmendment 01/2022 to Model Schedule of Powers, 2018, circulated vide Railway Board's Letter No. 2018/Trans/Policy dated 24.07.2018- Para A (Works matters) Item 37 A- "Sanction of Proposals for Outstanding". 22.02.2022
 23/2022 16/2022Admissibility of Composite Transfer Grant (CTG) on Retirement. 11.02.2022
 22/2022 15/2022Amendment in Para 3.4 and Para-5 of consolidated guidelines on deputation issued vide OM No-6/8/2009-Estt.(Pay-II) dated-17th June-2010 according to 7th CPC pay structure regarding. 11.02.2022
 21/2022 14/2022Clarification regarding grant of National Holiday Allowance (NHA) to those non-gazetted employees who are getting higher pay level under MACPS. 07.02.2022
State Railway Provident Fund- Rate of Interest during the 4th Quarter of financial year 2021-22 (1st January, 2022 - 31st March, 2022) 01.02.2022
 19/2022 12/2022Transfer of Non-Gazetted staff from one department to another department- Reiteration of instructions for delegation of powers to DRMs & Chief Workshop Mangers. 28.01.2022
 18/2022 11/2022Coverage under Railway Services (Pension) Rules, 1993, in place of National Pension System, of those Railway employees whose selection for appointment was finalized before 01.01.2004 but who joined Railway service on or after 01.01.2004- regarding. 28.01.2022
 17/2022NonRBEReiteration of instructions relating to reservation in temporary appointments. 27.01.2022
Comprehensive list of responsibilities and duties of respective Liaison Officer appointed for supervision of implementation of reservation for SC/ST/OBC/PwD/EWS. 27.01.2022
Disposal of first appeals under RTI Act, 2005. 27.01.2022
Corrigendum Slip No. 4 (issued vide letter No. 2017/Trans/01/Policy dated 22.01.2022) to enhanced Delegation of Powers to GMs and DRMs conveyed vide Railway Board’s letter No. 2017/Trans/01/Policy dated 18.10.2017. 24.01.2022
Corrigendum Slip No. 4 to enhanced Delegation of Powers to GMs and DRMs conveyed vide Railway Board’s letter No. 2017/Trans/01/Policy dated 18.10.2017. 24.01.2022
 12/2022 10/2022Grant of ‘Additional Post Allowance’- clarification reg. 24.01.2022
 11/2022 09/2022Grant of Deputation (Duty) Allowance in case where the basic pay in the parent cadre has been upgraded on account of NFU, MACP, NFSD et. in 7th CPC context- clarification regarding. 20.01.2022
 10/2022 08/2022Creation of Non-Gazetted Safety Posts. 18.01.2022
 09/2022 04/2022Retention of Railway Quarters either at the previous place of posting or current place of posting on account of superannuation.  17.01.2022
 08/2022 07/2022Revision of Designation of Guard.  17.01.2022
 07/2022 06/2022Modification of instructions regarding Booking of Air Tickets on Government account. 17.01.2022
 06/2022 05/2022Clarification regarding Pass entitlement in cases of posting/transfer with Pay Protection to posts in Lower Scale of Pay/Pay Level. 17.01.2022
 05/2022 03/2022Grant of Conveyance Allowance at the revised rate to Railway Medical Officers. 12.01.2022
 04/2022 02/2022General Departmental Competitive Examination (GDCE) for filling up of 25% net direct recruitment quota vacancies in Group 'C' categories- Extension of currency upto 31.02.2024.  12.01.2022
Duties and Responsibilities of Railway's Regional Coordinator, Additional Regional Coordinator, Town In-Charge, Observers, Group 'C' staff, Control Room Staff and Invigilators of Exam Conducting Agency (ECA). 11.01.2022
Extension of the time period of submission of life certificate for Central Government pensioners till 28th February 2022 in wake of current COVID-19 pandemic. 11.01.2022
 01/2022 01/2022Extension of deputation period beyond 3rd year/4th year who have joined PSUs before issuance of Board's letter dated 26.06.2018. 11.01.2022

Source : East Coast Railway CMS Team Last Reviewed : 20-06-2022  

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