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 183/2020 N-RBESelection of Railway Sportspersons for Diploma Course in Sports Coaching for the Academic Session-2020-21 01.12.2020
 182/2020 99/2020Grant of financial upgradation under MACPS to Station Masters. 26.11.2020
 Circular ECoRFailure of tendering process. 23.11.2020
 181/2020 97/2020Retention of Railway accommodation by Railway officers/staff on their deputation to Railway PSUs. 20.11.2020
 180/2020 92/2020Minimum rates of wages and variable dearness allowance w.e.f 01.10.2020. 20.11.2020
 179/2020 86/2020Proposal for posting of Sr. Consultants and forwarding of options by Doctors belonging to IRHS and Dental Doctors under the Ministry  of Railways- Instructions reg. 20.11.2020
 178/2020 41/2020Revised Training Modules for New Assistant Loco Pilots for Dual Traction (Induction training as well as Conversion training programme). 20.11.2020
 177/2020 Non-RBERevision of flat rate of licence fee (Standard Rent) for residential accommodation all Indian Railways w.e.f 01.07.2020. 20.11.2020
 176/2020 Non-RBEContinuation of issuance of Manual Pass to Railway Employees. (Corrigendum). 18.11.2020
 175/2020 Non-RBELaunching of Office Order module of HRMS. 18.11.2020
 174/2020 Non-RBEClarification regarding Grant of 3rd financial up-gradation under MACP scheme counting from the date of ad-hoc promotion. 18.11.2020
 173/2020 Non-RBEGrant of Financial up-gradation under MACP-clarification thereof on RBE No. 26/2020. 18.11.2020
 172/2020 Non-RBEMaster Circular No.-68 on Instructions Governing Promotion from Group 'C' to Group 'B' post updated in July, 2019. 18.11.2020
 171/2020 Non-RBEContinuation of issuance of Manual Pass to Railway Employees. 17.11.2020
 170/2020 N-RBE Payment of Transport Allowance to Railway employees working from home for entire calendar month(s) in view of COVID-19 pandemic. 16.11.2020
 169/2020 98/2020Grant of ad-hoc bonus for 30 days to the Group-' c' and "D' RPF/RPSF personnel for the financial year 2019-20 13.11.2020
 168/2020 96/2020Recovery of Night Duty Allowance (NDA) from Railway employees who have become ineligible to get NDA after issue of RBE NO-83/2020 dated-29.09.2020 13.11.2020
 167/2020 Non-RBEGrant of Invalid Pension under Rule 38 of the Central Civil Services(Pension) Rules,1972-clarification-reg. 09.11.2020
 166/2020 95/2020Special Cash Package equivalent in lieu of All India Leave Travel Concession Fare for Railway Employees during the Block 2018-2021. 06.11.2020
 165/2020 Non-RBEGrant of Advance- Special Festival Package to Government Servants. 05.11.2020
 164/202009/2020Fixation of initial pay of Nursing cadre in the revised pay structure Circulation of Fixation Tables  reg. 05.11.2020
 Circular ECoRNomination of Officer Incharge during written Examination over ECoR-reg. 04.11.2020
 163/2020 94/2020Procedure for filling up the post of Skilled Artisan against 25% quota. 03.11.2020
 162/2020 Non-RBETreatment of Railway medical beneficiaries at TATA Memorial Hospital, Mumbai. 03.11.2020
 161/2020 93/2020Calculation of monthly contribution towards cost of Pension payable during foreign service- reg. 03.11.2020
 160/2020 Non-RBEProbation period of CSE probationers- confirmation reg. 03.11.2020
 159/2020 Non-RBEPan India implementation of HIMS over Indian Railways. 29.10.2020
 158/2020 Non-RBEObservance of Rashtriya Ekta Diwas (National Unity Day) on 31st October, 2020 to commemorate the birth anniversary of Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel. 29.10.2020
 157/2020 Non-RBEImmediate action to be taken for enforcement of Model Code of Conduct and Application of Model Code of Conduct after announcement of (i) Biennial Election to the Karnataka Legislative Councils from Graduates' & Teachers' Constituencies; & (ii) Bye0election to fill casual vacancies in Parliamentary Constituency of Bihar, and State Legislative assemblies of various States. 29.10.2020
 156/2020 Non-RBELaunch of Office Order and e-APAR Modules of HRMS. 29.10.2020
 155/2020 91/2020Payment of Productivity Linked Bonus to all eligible non-gazetted Railway employees for the financial year 2019-2020. 22.10.2020
 154/2020 88/2020Fixation of pay on grant of benefit under Modified assured Career Progression Scheme (MACPS)- Extension of the benefit of entry level pay provided in Board's letter dated 12.10.2018 (RBE No. 158/2018). 21.10.2020
 153/2020 87/2020Aptitude Test- earlier Psychological Test) in departmental Selection- Calling the candidates on or one day prior to the test. 21.10.2020
152/2020 89/2020One time relaxation for retention of railway accommodation in view of Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19). 20.10.2020
 151/2020 Non-RBEGrant of Advance- Special Festival Package to Government Servants. 20.10.2020
 Circular ECoREmployment Assistance on compassionate grounds in favour of Intermediate educational qualification holders. 15.10.2020
 150/2020 Non-RBERailway Service (Revised Pay) Rules, 2016- Clarification regarding fixation of pay under Rule 13 on promotion in various situations where feeder and promotional categories lie in the same level in the pay matrix. 13.10.2020
 149/2020 76/2020Age group of Junior National Bridge Championship for the purpose of recruitment of sportsperson against Sports Quota. 13.10.2020
Co-authorisation of permanently disabled child/children in PPO for Family Pension-reg. 13.10.2020
 147/2020 68/2020Appointment on compassionate ground- Acquisition of higher qualification. 13.10.2020
 Circular ECoR Advisory circular regarding implementation of e-pass 09.10.2020
 146/2020 85/2020Inter-Railway Request transfer- hardship being faced by the staff- reg. 07.10.2020
 145/2020 84/2020Coverage under Railway Services (Pension) Rules, 1993, in place of National Pension System (NPS) in terms of DOP&PW's O.M. dated 17.02.2020- clarification- regarding. 07.10.2020
 144/2020 83/2020Payment of Night Duty Allowance (NDA) pursuant to the recommendations of 7th Central Pay Commission- regarding. 07.10.2020
 Circular ECoRRate of Road  Mileage for different motor cabs in the state of Odisha. 06.10.2020
 143/2020 Non-RBEFAQ on exercise of option to come over to 7th CPC under Rule 5 & 6 of RS(RP) Rules, 2016- reg. 29.09.2020
 142/2020 81/2020Clarification on reckoning of re-promotion of an employees fixed under FR 22 (I) (a) (2)  for the purpose of financial upgradation under MACPS. 29.09.2020
 141/2020 Non-RBEGuidelines for e-Privilege Pass/PTO module of HRMS. 28.09.2020
 140/2020 Non-RBEPreventive measures to control the spread of COVID-19- Exemption of employees with disabilities from roster duty due to COVID-19 situation. 25.09.2020
 139/2020 82/2020Operational guidelines for National Pension Scheme Tier II- Tax Saver Scheme, 2020 (NPS-TTS). 25.09.2020
 138/2020 Non-RBEHolding of Centralized Computer based examination for 70% selections and 30% LDCEs for promotion to Group 'B' posts in the Eight Organized services. 24.09.2020
 137/2020 Non-RBEReimbursement of cost of OPD medicines: Special sanction in view of COVID-19. 24.09.2020
 136/2020 80/2020Revision of rates of stipend to apprentices and trainees on Railways. 17.09.2020
 135/2020 Non-RBEOnline allotment of Railway Officers Rest House, Holiday Homes, Community Centers/Halls. 17.09.2020
 134/2020 79/2020Filling up of post in ongoing electrification projects undertaken by CORE. 17.09.2020
 133/2020 78/2020Periodic Review of Railway employees for strengthening of administration under Fundamental Rule FR 56(i)/(1) {Rules 1802(a)/ 1803(a)/ 1804(a) of IREC Vol. II, 1987 Edition}. 17.09.2020
 132/202075/2020 Quarter retention allowed to Zonal Railways such as WCR, ECoR, SWR, NER etc. 17.09.2020
131/2020 Non-RBE Training of office bearers of AISC/STRF. 15.09.2020
130/2020 Non-RBE Applicability of 'Best amongst the Failure Scheme' in LDCE Exam. 15.09.2020
Circular ECoR Probation period for persons recruited against Sports Quota- Review thereof. 11.09.2020
 129/2020 RBA 55/2020Consolidated Instructions for Pension disbursing Authorities to ensure smooth  payment of pension/family pension to pensioners/family pensioners. 11.09.2020
 128/2020 Non-RBEClarification regarding eligibility criteria conditions for selection to the post of Chief Law Assistant in Level-07 & publicity Inspector in Level-05. 11.09.2020
 127/2020 RBA 54/2020Obtaining of Life Certificate by banks from the door step of the Pensioners. 11.09.2020
 126/2020 Non-RBEHon’ble Supreme Court’s Order dated 11.10.2018 (In Civil Appeal No. 10396/2018 in the matter of Ganjam Marotrao Nimje and Ors. Vs. RBI & Ors.), and Order, dated 10.10.2018 (Civil Appeal No. 10387-10388/2018 in the matter of S.G. Barapatre & Others Vs. Shri Ananta Ganjam Gaiki & Others), regarding Halba Koshti.  11.09.2020
 125/2020 62/2020Clarification regarding Education Qualification for promotion to the post of Jr.Clerk (Office Clerk) in Level-2 against 16-2/3 % quota. 11.09.2020
 124/2020 Non-RBESubletting of Railway Quarters- action to be taken by DRMs. 11.09.2020
 123/2020 Non-RBEHon’ble Supreme Court judgement dated 15.09.2017 in the SLP(C) No. 9574 of 2013 filed by All India Adiwasi Employees Federation against judgement dated 20.12.2012of Hon’ble High Court of Bombay, Nagpur Bench- Appointment of candidates belonging to Halba Koshti/Halbi Koshti/ Koshti, etc. castes against vacancies reserved for the Scheduled Tribes-regarding.  11.09.2020
 122/2020 Non-RBEInterim Procedure Order on regularization of absence during COVID-19 epidemic lockdown period. 03.09.2020
 121/2020 Non-RBEComplaint regarding issuance of passes indicating the type of disability. 03.09.2020
 120/2020 Non-RBEHolidays to be observed in Central Government offices during the year 2021. 03.09.2020
 119/2020 74/2020Modification in the 'All India Leave Travel Concession' (AILTC) scheme to facilitate unblocking of Privilege Pass Account in exceptional circumstances. 03.09.2020
 118/2020 Non-RBEMobility of personnel amongst Central/State & Autonomous Bodies while working under pensionable establishment- regarding. 03.09.2020
 117/2020 Non-RBEAmendment of provisions relating to Railway Staff Benefit Fund- Chapter 8 of the Indian Railway Establishment Code Volume-I, 1985 Edition (Second Reprint Edition- 2003). CORRIGENDUM. 03.09.2020
 116/2020 57/2020Amendment of provisions relating to Railway Staff Benefit Fund- Chapter 8 of the Indian Railway Establishment Code Volume-I, 1985 Edition (Second Reprint Edition- 2003). 03.09.2020
 115/2020 54/2020Minimum rates of wages and variables Dearness Allowance w.e.f 01.04.2020. 03.09.2020
 114/2020 Non-RBEMeasures to reduce cost and improve savings- Review of cost of Over Time Allowance (OTA) and Travelling Allowance. 03.09.2020
 113/2020 Non-RBERevision of channels of promotion (AVC) of Non-gazetted staff of various categories- Engineering Department. 03.09.2020
 112/2020 73/2020Grant of Disability Pension, comprising service element and disability element to pre-2006 disability pensioners, who were boarded out from service, with less than 10 years of qualifying service, due to an injury/disability, attribute to Government service- regarding. 28.08.2020
 111/2020 72/2020Relaxation of Rule 96 of Railway Service (Pension) Rules, 1993 for payment of provisional Family Pension on death of a Government Servant during service- regarding. 28.08.2020
 110/2020 71/2020Grant of promotion with retrospective effect to the empanelled/selected staff against vacancies- regarding. 28.08.2020
 109/2020 70/2020Protection of pay to the Central Govt. Servant consequent to appointment to a new post in different service or cadre in Central Government, through direct recruitment where either higher duties and responsibilities are involved or not, as the case may be, under FR 22- B(1) (Rule 1315 of IREC Vol. II), in the 7th CPC scenario- regarding. 28.08.2020
 108/2020 69/2020Protection of pay to the Central Govt. Servant consequent to appointment to a new post in different service or cadre in Central Government, through direct recruitment where either higher duties and responsibilities are involved or not, as the case may be, under FR 22- B(1) (Rule 1315 of IREC Vol. II), in the 7th CPC scenario- regarding. 28.08.2020
 107/2020 67/2020Periodical Transfer of Railway employees- List of sensitive post. 28.08.2020
 106/2020 Non-RBEReimbursement of upto ₹1200/- towards cost of Oximeter purchases by Railway Medical Beneficiaries suffering from COVID-19. 28.08.2020
 105/2020 Non-RBEClarification on regularization of absence during COVID-19 epidemic lockdown period- regarding. 17.08.2020
 104/2020 Non-RBEState Railway Provident Fund- Rate of interest during the year 2020-21 (1st July,2020-30th September,2020) 17.08.2020
 103/2020 10/2020Revised Training Module of Non-Gazetted staff of Electrical Department (JEs & SSEs). 17.08.2020
 102/2020 63/2020Clarification regarding reckoning of Additional Post Allowance (APA) for DA/HRA under 7th CPC. 17.08.2020
 101/2020 65/2020Cancellation of periodical transfer of staff. 07.08.2020
 100/2020 64/2020 Policy of Appointment of TADK on the Railways. 07.08.2020
 99/2020 Non-RBEFixation of initial pay of Nursing Cadre in the revised pay structure- circulation of Fixation Tables reg.  07.08.2020
 98/2020 61/2020Quarter retention for officers whose vacation date falls during COVID period. 04.08.2020
 97/2020 60/2020One time relaxation for retention of Railway accomodation in view of Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19). 04.08.2020
 96/2020 59/2020Permission to retain Railway quarters at previous place of posting by Railway Personnel on posting to Modern Coach Factory, Raebareli. 04.08.2020
 95/2020 58/2020Provisional release of retirement benefits as per Rule 91 of Railway Service (Pension) Rules 1993-regarding. 04.08.2020
 94/2020 56/2020Revised admissibility to travel by Taxi/reimbursement of Taxi hire charges for using one's own car for local official journey at or near Headquarters. 04.08.2020
 93/2020 55/2020Dispensing with the requirement of BSR of Bank from the pension claims forms- regarding. 04.08.2020
 Circular ECoR
Clarification regarding prescribed Benchmark while considering MACPs to Non-Gazetted Staff. 30.07.2020
 92/2020 16/2020Consolidated guidelines regarding Modified Assured Career Progression Scheme for Railway Employees. 29.07.2020
 91/2020 Non-RBERetirement formalities through virtual means. 23.07.2020
 90/2020 Non-RBEPayment to contract and outsourced staff during the period of suspension of passenger services on IR. 23.07.2020
 89/2020 44/2020Selection trials for recruitment against sports quota. 23.07.2020
 88/2020 Non-RBEPension of Chairman, Vice-Chairman and Members in Railway Claims Tribunal (RCT)- Payment of pension to Shri Sh. K.N. Balakrishna Panicker, Ex. Member (Judl.), RCT/Ernakulam. 23.07.2020
 87/2020 Non-RBEComplaints of delay in issuing Post Retirement Complementary Passes (PRCP). 23.07.2020
 86/2020 Non-RBEExtension of validity of Complementary Card Passes (CCPs) issued to recipients of Gallantry Awardees (both Police and Defence)-reg. 23.07.2020
 85/2020 Non-RBEExemption to employees to mark Biometric Attendance in Aadhar Based Biometric Attendance System (AEBAS)-reg. 23.07.2020
 84/2020 49/2020General Departmental Competitive Examination (GDCE) for filling up of 25% net direct recruitment quota vacancies in Group 'C' categories- Extension of currency upto 31.02.2022. 21.07.2020
 83/2020 52/2020Review of policy regarding re-engagement of Group 'C' staff. 21.07.2020
 82/2020 50/2020Guidelines for air travel on Official Tours; sending requests through e-mail only. 21.07.2020
 81/2020 Non-RBERevision of pension of pre-2016 pensioners/family pensioners in implementation of Government's decision on the recommendation of the 7th Central Pay Commission Concordance table Corrigendum- regarding 21.07.2020
 80/2020 Non RBERegulation of pension and other retirement benefits of Railway Servants who were on Extraordinary leave/unauthorized absence/suspension as on 01.01.2016 and retired/died thereafter without joining duty- regarding. 21.07.2020
 79/2020 ECoR
Running Allowance- Minimum Guaranteed Kilometerage (MGK) to running staff. 13.07.2020
 78/2020 Non RBEEngagement of retired Para-Medical staff (in Group 'C') and hiring of Para-Medical staff in Gr. 'C' on contractual basis.  03.07.2020
 77/2020 48/2020Review of Policy on creation of posts.  03.07.2020
 76/2020 Non RBEMode of filling up the posts of Section Controller- Amendment of Para 125 of IREM Vol. I- Corrigendum.  03.07.2020
 75/2020 43/2020Recommendation of 7th Central Pay Commission- Grant of Conveyance Allowance at the revised rates to Railway Medical Officers. 03.07.2020
 74/2020 40/2020Mode of filling up the post of Selection Controller- Amendment of Para 125 of IREM Vol. I.  03.07.2020
 73/2020 39/2020Filling  up the post of Instructors in recognized Training Institutes clarification reg- Corrigendum. 03.07.2020
 72/2020 47/2020One time relaxation for retention of Railway accommodation in view of Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19).  01.07.2020
 71/2020 22/2020Extension of the period of retention of Railway accommodation at the previous place of posting in favour of officers posted to East Central Railway.  24.06.2020
 70/2020 Non RBEGrant of annual increment due on 1st July to the employees retiring on 30th June of the year.  24.06.2020
 Circular ECoRRegularization of absence period due to lockdown-COVID-19. 19.06.2020
 69/2020 ECoRClarification regarding Inter Railway/Inter Division/Intra Division Own or Mutual Transfer of TADKs. 16.06.2020
 68/2020 45/2020Extension of validity of Passes/PTOs consequent to national lockdown to prevent the spread of COVID-19. 16.06.2020
 67/2020 42/2020 Revised Training Modules of Non-Gazetted Staff of Signal and Telecommunication Department. 11.06.2020
 66/2020 Non RBEDress Allowance to Nursing Personnel- clarification regarding. 09.06.2020
 65/2020 Non RBEOn-line Pre-selection Training to SC/ST candidates for selection held for promotion to Group 'B' posts. 09.06.2020
 64/202012/2020 Fixation of pay in case of employees transferred to a lower post on their own request under rule 227 (a) (2) of IREC Vol. I (FR-15 (a)) and subsequently promoted to higher post in new unit- clarification regarding. 09.06.2020
 63/2020 38/2020One time relaxation for retention of Railway accommodation in view of Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19).  20.05.2020
 62/2020 Non RBEClarification on restriction of Officiating Pay under FR-35 (Rule 1329 IREC Vol.II) in the context of RS(RP) Rules,2016. 14.05.2020
 61/2020 Non RBE Cancellation of Periodical Transfers of the Staff 14.05.2020
 60/2020  Non RBERevision of pay structure of Gr. 'B' Gazetted posts of Official language Department of Zonal Railways/PUs at par with CSOLS cadre.  05.05.2020
 59/2020 32/2020Revised Training Modules of Non-Gazetted staff of Mechanical Department (Supervisors). 05.05.2020
 58/2020 Non RBEPreventive measures to contain the spread of COVID-19.  04.05.2020
 57/2020 Non RBEEffective use of 'Arogyasetu' App for breaking the chain of transmission of COVID-19.  04.05.2020
 56/2020 37/2020Forwarding of MSDE's notification regarding clarification on payment of stipend to apprentices and reimbursement of stipend to establishments under NAPS during COVID-19 lockdown.  04.05.2020
 55/2020Non RBE Refresher and other safety courses for running category staff.  28.04.2020
 54/2020 35/2020Exclusion of the lock down period while adhering to the timelines in various administrative and quasi-judicial process. 28.04.2020
 53/2020 Non RBEFreezing of Dearness Allowance to Railway Employees and Dearness Relief to Railway Pensioners at current rates till July 2021.  28.04.2020
 52/2020 Non RBE Preventive measures to contain the spread of COVID-19. 15.04.2020
 51/2020 33/2020Extension of the scheme of hiring of para medical categories in Group 'C' on contract basis. 21.04.2020
50/2020 ECoRWithdrawal of ECoR's Establishment Serial No. 38/2020 issued on 23.03.2020.09.04.2020
 Circular ECoRCORRIGENDUM.- Regularization of absence period of officers/staff due to lockdown w.e.f 25.03.2020. 09.04.2020
  49/202031/2020 Central Government Employees Group Insurance Scheme, 1980- Tables of benefits for the Savings Fund for the period from 01.01.2020 to 31.03.2020. 21.04.2020
 Circular ECoRRegularization of absence period of officers/staff due to lockdown w.e.f 25.03.2020. 07.04.2020
 48/2020Non RBE 
(i) Arogya Setu App;
(ii)General measures to enhance body's natural defense system;
(iii) Light candles or diyas, torches or mobile flashlights at 09:00 PM on 5th April, 2020 for 09 minutes.
 47/2020Non RBE Retirement of Railway Servants on 31st March, 2020- clarification.  31.03.2020
 46/2020Non RBE Reimbursement of OPD medicines: Special sanction in view of COVID-19.  31.03.2020
 45/2020Non RBE Railway Health Facilities available to all Central Government Employees. 31.03.2020
 44/2020Non RBE Closure of PUs and Zonal Railway Workshops due to COVID-19.  31.03.2020
 43/2020Non RBE Preventive measures to contain the spread of COVID-19 & Guidelines for protection and safety of 'Persons with Disabilities' (Divyangjan).  31.03.2020
 42/2020Non RBE Engagement of Contract Medical Practitioners (CMPs) over and above the vacancy to contain the spread of COVID-19 Pandemic.  30.03.2020
 41/2020Non-RBEContribution to "Prime Minister's Citizen Assistance and Relief in Emergency Situations Fund" (PM CARES Fund)': COVID-19 Pandemic. 30.03.2020
 40/2020Non-RBEEngagement of Para-Medical categories in Group 'C' on contract basis. 30.03.2020
 39/2020Non RBEPreventive measures to contain the spread of COVID-19.  23.03.2020
 38/2020Non RBE Sanction of commuted leave in relaxation of Leave Rules in wake of measures taken to contain spread of COVID-19. (WITHDRAWN). 23.03.2020
 37/2020Non RBE Prevention and control of Coronavirus disease (COVID-19).  23.03.2020
 36/2020Non RBESpread of COVID-19 reg.  20.03.2020
 35/2020Non RBEIsolation of Employees who have returned from foreign countries- Cilrcular.  20.03.2020
 34/2020Non RBECOVID- 19 Novel Coronavirus disease- Stoppage of mass gatherings. 20.03.2020
 33/202034/2020 Preventive measures to contain the spread of COVID-19 - Working Hours. 20.03.2020
 32/202030/2020Amendment to sub-rule (3) (i) & (ii) of Rule and sub-rule (4) of Rule 13 of Railway Service (Conduct) Rules, 1966. 18.03.2020
 31/2020Non RBE Transfer from one Railway/Division/Unit to another on request bottom seniority on mutual exchange basis. 18.03.2020
 30/2020 Non RBERemoval of age limit of 25 years of medical facilities for dependent  children of serving Railway employees and pensioners. 12.03.2020
 29/2020 29/2020Counting of service on joining new service in State Government/Central Government/Autonomous Body for the benefit of gratuity in respect of Railway employees covered under National Pension System (NPS). 12.03.2020
 28/2020 28/2020Coverage under Railway Services (Pension) Rules, 1993, in place of National Pension System, of those Railway employees whose selection for appointment was finalized before 01.01.2004 but who joined Railway Service on or after 01.01.2004. 12.03.2020
 27/2020 27/2020Discontinuance of Direct Recruitment to the posts of Senior Section Engineers (SSEs)-Clarification reg. 12.03.2020
 26/2020 26/2020Grant of Financial up gradation under MACPS to Station Masters. 12.03.2020
 25/2020 25/2020Inclusion of Officers promoted on the basis of Sports achievements in Trial Committee. 12.03.2020
 24/2020 24/2020Amendment in Railway Servants (Pass) Rules,1986 (Second Edition-1993)RSRP-1986 , to provide for issuance of passes /PTOs in digitized/electronic mode. 02.03.2020
 23/202023/2020Railway Services (Revised Pay )Rules,2016-Clarification regarding fixation of pay under Rule 13 on promotion in various situations where feeder and promotional categories lie in same level in Pay Matrix. 02.03.2020
 22/2020 RBA- 15/2020Setting up of NPS oversight mechanism. 27.02.2020
 21/2020 21/2020State Railway Provident Fund- Rate of Interest during the year 2019-20 (January, 2020 - March, 2020)  27.02.2020
 20/2020 19/2020Interest Rate on House Building Advance (HBA) for Railway Employees.  27.02.2020
 19/2020 18/2020Grant of financial up gradation under MACPS to Jr.Cashier promoted from the post of Sr.Shroff/JAA/S.Clerk- Clarification reg.- CORRIGENDUM. 27.02.2020
 18/2020 17/2020Norms/procedure of promotion in the unified cadre of Track Maintainer- Clarification. 27.02.2020
 17/2020 15/2020Clarification of grant of Advance incentive increments to sportsperson. 11.02.2020
 16/2020 14/2020Reckoning of Charge Allowance for the purpose of revision of Pension of Pre-2016 retires in terms of 7th CPC reccommendations-reg.  06.02.2020
 15/2020 13/2020Modified Assured Career Progression Scheme for Railway Employees-Clarification regarding. 06.02.2020
14/2020 11/2020Selection for the post of Staff & Welfare Inspector against 35% LDCE quota-clarification reg. Educational Qualification. 04.02.2020
 13/2020 08/2020Grant of Additional Benefits on death/disability of Government Servants covered under national Pension System (NPS)-reg. 03.02.2020
 12/2020 07/2020Stepping up of pay of Loco Inspectors appointed prior to 01.01.2006 and drawing more pay than the seniors. 03.02.2020
 11/2020 06/2020Permission to retain Railway accommodation at the place of previous posting by Railway officers/staff going on deputation to Joint Venture Companies (JVs) set up in partnership with Ministry of Railways. 23.01.2020
 10/2020 05/2020Amemndment to IREM VOlume-I 23.01.2020
 09/2020 04/2020Filling up the post of Instructors in recognized Training Institutes-clarification-reg. 23.01.2020
 08/2020 03/2020GDCE- clarification regarding eligibility of employees of PUs.  23.01.2020
 07/2020 02/2020Filling up of non-gazetted posts on Railways- Classification of posts as Safety Categories in Electrical and Mechanical Department.  14.01.2020
 06/2020 01/2020Grant of Special Allowance @10% of basic pay to Teaching staff of Oak Grove School, Jharipani.  14.01.2020
 Non RBE
Assessment of vacancies in connection with selection to the post of Jr.Clerk-cum-Typist against 33.33% DPQ and 16.67% LDCE Quota. 08.01.2020
 04/2020 Non RBEGrant of Special Casual Leave to Railway Employees for mountaineering/training cum trekking expedition for 30 days in a calendar year.  08.01.2020
 03/2020 219/2020Permission to retain Railway Accommodation at the place of previous posting by Railway officers/staff posted to freight intensive Railway. 08.01.2020
 02/2020 218/2019Appointment on Compassionate Grounds- Cases of Second wife and her wards.  08.01.2020
 01/2020217/2019Compassionate Ground Appointment as Sr.Section Engineers (SSEs).08.01.2020

Source : East Coast Railway CMS Team Last Reviewed on: 02-12-2020  

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This is the Portal of Indian Railways, developed with an objective to enable a single window access to information and services being provided by the various Indian Railways entities. The content in this Portal is the result of a collaborative effort of various Indian Railways Entities and Departments Maintained by CRIS, Ministry of Railways, Government of India.