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Serial No

 Circular No.                           Subject                                    


62 62/2019 Container class rate in case of CR Coils  02.04.2019 
 6161/2019 Extension of notification of LPG G/Shed for I/W & O/W booking of coal  02.04.2019 
 60 60/2019 Guidelines regarding Freight Advance Scheme 02.04.2019 
 5959/2019  Policy guidelines - Transportation Products01.04.2019 
 5858/2019 Classification of Iron Ore 29.03.2019 
 5757/2019 Chargeable distance for traffic of DPCB 29.03.2019 
 5656/2019 Container class rate and Hub & spoke system of charging 28.03.2019 
 5555/2019  Adjustment of base freight rates - classification of commodities27.03.2019 
 5454/2019  Opening of KPL station for O/W booking of coal26.03.2019 
 5353/2019 Change in name of private siding of Bhushan Steel Ltd to Tata Steel BSL Limited 20.03.2019 
 5252/2019 Haulage charge for running of double stack dwarf container 19.03.2019 
 51  51/2019Charging of kota stone in containers 19.03.2019 
5050/2019 Liberalised Automatic Freight Rebate Scheme for traffic loaded in TEFD 19.03.2019 
 4949/2019 Incentive Scheme for Freight Forwarders 19.03.2019 
 4848/2019  Preferential traffic order GO No. 9319.03.2019 
4747/2019 Transportation of fruits and vegetables including mango traffic and other mixed perishable goods traffic in parcel rakes 20.03.2019 
4646/2019 Free time for loading of rakes of coal and iron ore 18.03.2019 
45 45/2019  Amendment No. 3 to Wagon Leasing Scheme (WLS)18.03.2019 
44 44/2019  Inclusion of additional authorized rail user at MAIL PFT15.03.2019 
43 43/2019 Revision of rates of miscellaneous charges 15.03.2019 
42 42/2019 Adjustment in base freight rates for short lead goods traffic 15.03.2019 
 41 41/2019  Notification of 45 BRN of JSPL under SFTO14.03.2019 
 4040/2019 Notification of CBSP, PPSM & PPTP sidings as 'Congested Sidings'  14.03.2019 
 3939/2019 Commercial notification of 53 BTAP of BALCO under LWIS 14.03.2019 
 38 38/2019  Operation of container trains by PCO in railway owned terminals14.03.2019 
 3737/2019  Guidelines regarding Freight Advance Scheme13.03.2019 
 3636/2019 Amendment No. 2 to GPWIS 12.03.2019 
 3535/2019 Registration fee for registration of indents for parcel vehicles 06.03.2019 
 3434/2019 Levy of congestion surcharge for traffic booked to Bangladesh 06.03.2019 
 3333/2019 Running of freight trains on CC+8 routes 06.03.2019 
 3232/2019 Dispensation from mandatory (100%) weighment in the case of Container rake loaded loaded with containers carrying standard bags of uniform size 05.03.2019 
31 31/2019 Congestion srucharge on goods traffic originating from ports 05.03.2019 
30 30/2019 Notification of PRNR goods shed as "Congested Goods Shed" 26.02.2019 
 2929/2019 Modified policy guidelines on "Comprehensive Parcel Leasing Policy" and 'Leasing of Parcel Cargo Express Train Policy' regarding schedule of Powers 25.02.2019 
28 28/2019Provisions of bearing capital cost for common user traffic facilities under PFT Policy 25.02.2019 
2727/2019 Revision of loading/unloading point of 45 BRN under SFTO 22.02.2019 
26 26/2019 Rates of Terminal Charges to be collected by Port Trust 22.02.2019 
2525/2019  Rationalisation Scheme General Order No. 01/2014. Amendment No. 1422.02.2019 
2424/2019Freight rebate scheme for traffic loaded in TEFD 21.02.2019 
2323/2019  Notified Stations21.02.2019 
 2222/2019 Issue of RR after weighment of consignment at WB 15.02.2019 
2121/2019 Notification of 2 rakes of BOBRNHSM1 of M/s NTPC under GPWIS 12.02.2019 
2020/2019 Revenue sharing with Railways by PFT owners 11.02.2019 
1919/2019 Integration of Weighbridge (WB) with FOIS - reg. 08.02.2019 
 1818/2019 Running of freight trains on CC+8 routes 07.02.2019 
1717/2019  Freight rebate scheme for traffic loaded in TEFD06.02.2019 
 1616/2019 Notification of 45 BRN of M/s JSPL under SFTO 06.02.2019 
 1515/2019 Opening of RGDA station for O/W booking of Bauxite 06.02.2019 
1414/2019 Restoration of Vedanta owned BOBRN rakes 06.02.2019 
 13 13/2019 Clarification on GST for transportation of eggs04.02.2019 
 1212/2019  Notification of 58 BFNSM wagons (2nd of 06 rakes) of M/s TMIL Ltd under SFTO31.01.2019 
 1111/2019 Revision of loading/unloading points of 58 BFNSM of M/s TMIL Ltd under SFTO 31.01.2019 
 1010/2019Closure of Prayag station for I/W & O/W parcel traffic 30.01.2019
 9 09/2019Notification of BFNSM 22.9 T wagon under HCW in SFTO and LWIS 24.01.2019 
08/2019 Change in the name of OCL siding, Byree (MOIB) 21.01.2019 
 707/2019 Restriction of parcel traffic over Delhi area in connection with Republic Day 18.01.2019 
06/2019 Freight rebate scheme for traffic loaded in TEFD - BOST wagons17.01.2019 
505/2019 Amendment of policy for leasing of PCET  11.01.2019 


04/2019 Transportation of relief materials to cyclone "Gaja" affected area.09.01.2019 


03/2019 Inclusion of National Fertilizer Ltd as authorized user at PICP



02/2019  GST-TDS on transportation of goods 



 01/2019Revision of freight charges for transportation of all animals including wild animals in parcel van & B/Van 


Source : East Coast Railway CMS Team Last Reviewed on: 25-04-2019  

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