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Seniority List of Group B Officers

Non Gazetted

Accounts Dept.    Provisional Seniority List of Statistics
 Provisional Gradation list of Accounts Clerks as on 01.01.2018 
 Final Gradation list of JE(IT) of HQ/BBS
 Commercial Dept Provisional Seniority List of Commercial, Commercial Claims, Commercial Catering Dept Cadre
 Electrical Dept.    
 Seniority List for SSE
 Seniority List for AEE (group B)
 Integrated seniority list of AEE 70%
 Enginnering Dept.  
 Seniority List of Engg Department
 Integrated Seniority list. of Civil Engg dept
 Provisional Seniority Lists of Civil Engg Dept of HQ/ECoR as on 31.12.2017
 Mechanical Dept. 
 Seniority List of Mech Department
 Operating Dept Provisional Seniority List of Operating Cadre
  Provisional Seniority list of Ch OS, OS, Sr Clerk, Jr Clerk, Ch S&WI, S&WI in combined cadre of GA, Personnel, Medical and WPO/MCS
 Medical Dept. Provisional Seniority List of Medical Cadre
   Seniority List
  Provisional Seniority List of Para Medical Group C Staff of Medical Department of HQ/BBS and Zonal Controlled Posts
 Signal & Telecom Department      Seniority List of S&T Department
  Seniority List of JE(Tele) and JE (Signal) --- As on 04-02-2015  
  Integrated Seniority list of SSE(Tele/Sig/D&D) cadres   - As on 31.01.2017
  Seniority List of D&D staff as on 01.04.2017
  Provisional Integrated Seniority list of SSE (Sig/Tele/D&D) of S&T Dept of ECoR
 Stores Dept Provisional Seniority List of Gr C Cadre of Stores Dept
 Track Machine Organisation     
  Updated Seniority List of Track Machine Organisation as on 31.01.2017
  Updated Seniority List of Track Machine Organisation as on 01.01.2018
 Provisional Seniority List of Non Gazetted staff of KH/TM
 Addendum to publication of modified seniority list of Helpers of TMO/BBS





Source : East Coast Railway CMS Team Last Reviewed on: 11-07-2018