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91. E-Procurement Tender Notice No. COS/EP/2017-18/04 dtd. 16-05-2017

90. Corrigendum notice no. COS/EP/2017-18/Corri/01 dtd. 15-05-2017

89. E-Procurement tender notice no. COS/EP/2017-18/03 dtd 02-05-2017

88. E-Procurement Tender Notice No. COS/EP/2017-18/02 dtd. 19-04-2017

87. E-Procurement Tender Notice No. COS/EP/2017-18/01 dtd 12-04-2017

86. E-Procurement Tender Notice No- COS/EP/2016-17/54

85. E-Procurement Tender Notice No- COS/EP/2016-17/53 dtd.29-03-2017

84. E-Procurement Tender Notice No-COS/EP/2016-17/52 dtd 22-03-2017

83. Corrigendum Tende Notice No. COS/EP/2016-17/Corri/34 dtd. 15-03-2017

82. E-Procurement tender notice no. COS/EP/2016-17/51 dtd. 03-03-2017

81. E-procure tender notice no.COS/EP/2016-17/GSD/MCS/01 DTD. 02-03-2017

80. Corrigendun Tender notice no. COS/EP/2016-17/Corri/33 dtd. 23-02-2017

79. E-Procurement tender notice no. COS/EP/2016-17/50 dtd. 23-02-2017

78. Corrigendum notice No.COS/EP/2016-17/Corri/32 dtd. 23-02-2017

77. E-Procurement Tender Notice No. COS/EP/2016-17/49 dtd 22.02.2017

76. E-Procurement tender notice no. COS/EP/2016-17/48 dtd. 17.02.2017

75. E-Procurement tender notice no. COS/EP/2016-17/47 dtd.10-02-2017

74. E-Procurement Tender notice No. COS/EP/2016-17/46 dtd. 01-02-2017

73. E-Procurement notice no. COS/EP/2016-17/43 dtd.13-01-2017

72. Corrigendum Tender Notice COS/EP/2016-17/Corri/31 dtd. 06-01-2017

71. E-Procurement tender notice no- COS/EP/2016-17/42 dtd. 03-1-2017

70. E-Procurement Tender Notice No. COS/ECoR/2016-17 dtd. 28-12-2016

69. E-Procurement Notice No. COS/EP/2016-17/40 dtd. 20-12-2016

68. E-Procurement tender notice no. COS/EP/2016-17/39 dtd. 08-12-2016

67. Corrigendum Tender Notice COS/EP/2016-17/Corri/30 dtd. 06-12-2016

66. E-procurement Notice No. COS/EP/2016-17/38 dtd 05-12-2016


64. Revised tender conditions

63. E-Procurement Tender Notice No. COS/EP/2016-17/37 dtd. 25-11-2016

62. E-Procurement Notice No- COS/EP/2016-17/36 dtd. 22-12-2016

61. E-Procurement tender notice no. COS/EP/2016-17/35 dtd. 15-11-2016

60. Corrigendum Notice No. COS/EP/2016-17/Corri/28 dtd. 11-11-2016

59. E-Procurement Tender Notice No. COS/EP/2016-17/34 dtd. 09-11-2016

58. Corrigendum Notice No. COS/EP/2016-17/Corri/27dtd.09-11-2016

57. E-Procure Tender Notice No. COS/EP/2016-17/33 dtd. 04-11-2016

56. Corrigendum Tender Notice No. COS./EP/2016-17/Corri/ 26 dtd. 28-10-2016

55. E-Procure Tender Notice No. COS/EP/2016-17/32 dtd. 28-10-2016

54. E-Procurement Tender Notice No. COS/EP/2016-17/31 dtd. 21-10-2016

53. E-Procurement Tender Notice No-COS/EP/2016-17/30 dtd. 07-10-2016

52. E-Procurement Tender Notice No.COS/EP/2016-17/29 dtd. 03-10-2016

51. E-Procurement Tender Notice No. COS/EP/2016-17/28 dtd.26-09-2016

50. Corrigendum Notice No. COS/EP/2016-17/Corri/25 dtd. 22-09-2016

49. Corrigendum Notice No. COS/EP/2016-17/Corri/24 dtd. 21-09-2016

48. E-Procurement Notice No. COS/EP/2016-17/27 dtd. 16-09-2016

47. E-Procurement Tender Notice No. COS/EP/2016-17/26 dtd 09-09-2016

46. Corrigendum Notice No. COS/EP/2016-17/Corri/23 dtd.08-09-2016

45. Corrigendum Tender Notice No. COS/EP/2016-17/Corri/22 dtd 08-09-2016

44. E-Procurement Tender Notice No.COS/EP/2016-17/25 dtd 05-09-2016

43. Corrigendum Notice No.COS/EP/2016-17/Corri/21 dtd. 26-08-2016

42. E-Procurement Tender Notice No. COS/EP/2016-17/24 dtd. 29-08-2016

41. Corrigendum Notice No.COS/EP/2016-17/Corri/20 dtd. 24-08-2016

40. E-Procurement Notice No. COS/EP/2016-17/23 dtd 23-08-2016

39. E-procurement Tender Notice No. COS/EP/2016-17/22 dtd. 10-08-2016

38. Corrigendum Notice No. COS/EP/2016-17/Corri/18 dtd. 10-08-2016

37. Corrigendum Notice No.COS/EP/2016-17/Corri/17 dtd 10-08-2016

36. Corrigendum notice No- COS/EP/2016-17/Corri/16 dtd. 09-08-2016

35. Corrigendum Notice No. COS/EP/2016-17/Corri/15 dtd. 09-08-2016

34. E-Procurement Tender No.COS/EP/2016-17/21 dtd. 05-08-2016

33. Tender Notice No. COS/EP/2016-17/20 dtd.. 02-08-2016

32. Corrigendum Tender Notice No. COS/EP/2016-17/Corri/14 dtd 27-07-2016

31. E-procurement Notice No. COS/EP/2016-17/19 dtd 26-07-2016

30.  Corrigendum Notice No. COS/EP/2016-17/Corri/13 dtd. 19-07-2016

29. Corrigendum Notice No. COS/EP/2016-17/Corri/12 dtd.19-07-2016

28. E-Procure Tender No. COS/EP/2016-17/18 dtd 19-07-2016

27. E.procure Tender Notice No. COS/EP/2016-17/17 dtd. 15-07-2016

26. Corrigendum No. COS/EP/2016-17/Corri/11 dtd. 13-07-2016

25. E-Procurement tender notice no. COS/EP/2016-17/16



22. Corrigendum No. COS/EP/2016-17/Corri/10 dtd. 05-07-2016

21. Corrigendum No. COS/EP/2016-17/Corri/09 dtd. 05-07-2016

20. Application for Catering Stall on PF-2/3 at VSKP Station Under Category Other Backward Classes

19. E-procurement Tender Notice No.COS/EP/2016-17/15 dtd. 04-07-2016

18. E-Procurement tender notice no. COS/EP/2016-17/14 dtd. 30-06-2016

17. Corrigendum No. COS/EP/2016-17/Corri/08 dtd. 28-06-2016

16. Corrigendum No. COS/EP/2016-17/Corri/07 dtd. 28-06-2016

15. E-PROCUREMENT tENDER nO. cos/ep/2016-17/13 DTD. 28-06-2016.

14. E-Procurement Tender No. COS/EP/2016-17/12 Dtd.23.06.2016

13. E.procurement tender no. COS/EP/2016-17/11 dtd. 17-06-2016

12. E procurement Tender Notice No. COS/EP/2016-17/10 dtd. 07-06-2016

11. E-Procurement Tender No. COS/EP/2016-17/09 dtd. 03-06-2016

10. Advertisement of Tenders for E procurement Systems

9. Corrigendum to Notice no. COS/EP/2016-17/05 dtd 10-05-2016 against tender no. 07155217-B (SL No.73)

8. Corrigendum to Notice no. COS/EP/2016-17/05 dtd 10-05-2016 against tender No. 04162292 (Sl No.76)

7. Advertisement Reverse Auction Notice for Procurement of Materials

6. Advertisement of Tenders for E procurement Systems

5. Empanelment of Railway Advocates for RCT/Bhubaneswar

4. Notice for Expression of Interest for Empanelment of CGHS Empanelled Hospitals in ECoR Published 29.01.2016
Corrigendum for EOI for Empanelment of CGHS Empanelled Hospitals in ECoR 
                                                                                    Published on 01.02.2016

Appointment of STBA at E Category Stations over WAT Division   Published on 19.01.2016
3. (I)
Corrigendum for Appointment of STBA at E Category over WAT Div Published on 21.01.16

Catering Tenders Finalised by East Coast Railway as per New SBD(Annex-A)  Published on 14.01.2016

1. Expression of Interest (EOI) is invited from experienced Transaction Advisors to assist East Coast Railway through different phases for selecting suitable Project proponents and selection of bidders invited through Open Bids following Swiss Challenge Method for redevelopment of 13 nominated railway stations.   Published on 14.01.2016

Source : East Coast Railway CMS Team Last Reviewed on: 23-05-2017  

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